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Harney, Richard J. / History of Winnebago County, Wisconsin, and early history of the Northwest

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The Fox River Valley of Central Wisconsin. A Record of Two
Centuries, commencing with the First Explorations of the
Fox and Wisconsin Rivers, the Links connecting the Great
Water Courses of the United States. The Ancient Thoroughfare of the Frontier
Traffic and Travel of the Great
West. Some of the first pages of American Civilization
found in the Early History of Central Wisconsin. 9- 11
Samuel de Champlain, the Pioneer Explorer of the Interior of
the Continent, Founds Quebec. He forms an Alliance with
the Algonquins and Hurons. 11- 12
Indian Tribes. Divisions and Population. Location of the
various Nations. Green Bay and the Lake Winnebago and
Fox River Country the centers of large Indian Populations
The Belligerent Iroquois. 12- 14
Champlain's Explorations. Indian Allies. War Dance. He
Discovers Lake Champlain. Engagement with the Iroquois. 14- 15
The Policy of France to Incorporate the Indian Tribes into a
French-Indian Empire. Alliance formed with the Algonquin Tribes, for the
purpose of Resisting the Raids of the
Iroquois. Attempt to Christianize the Indians, as a Preparatory Step to their
Civilization. The Jesuit Missionaries.... 15- 16
The Land of the Hurons. Champlain's voyage to their Country
in 1615. A Journey through the Wilderness of Nine Hundred miles. Champlain
discovers Lake Huron. The first
White Men that ever paddled over its surface. Description
of the Country of the Hurons. 16- 19
Defenseless Condition of Quebec Piratical Attack on Quebec.
It Surrender to the English flag. Restoration to the French
flag. Champlain Commandant of the Post for ten years
longer. His death in 1635. Quebec becomes the Commercial Emporium of the
Interior of the Continent.  Its Trade
through the Labyrinth of Water Arteries branching from
the St. Lawrence to the Mississippi.      19- 21
The Huron Missions. Arrival of the Jesuits. Their Journey to
the Hurons. The Bark Mission House. The Founding of
Montreal. The First Century in the History of the Interior
Like a Tale of Chivahry. 21- 25
Iroquois War. They Boast that they will Exterminate all the
other Indian Nations and the French. The Capture and
Sufferings of Isaac Jouges. Building of Fort Richelieu... 25- 26
Iroquois War. Invasion of the Huron Country. Destruction
of the Hurons and the Huron Missions. Conflagration of
the Indian Villages and the Mission Houses. Bravery of
the Missionaries. Their Terrible Death. The Hurons and
Ottawas Abandon their Country and settle in the Northwest,
at Michilimackinac, Sault St Marie and Green Bay .    27- 30
Migration of the Algonquin Tribes to the South Shore of Lake
Superior and Green Bay. First Commerce of the Northwest. Allouez, Marquette
and Dablon, Pioneers in Western
Discovery and Settlement First Western Settlements. The
Fox River Valley a Great Center of Indian Population.
Allouez and Dablon visit the site of Oshkosh and Butte des
Morte, and are Hospitably Entertained. Lovely Scenery
of the Lake Winnebago Country. The Discovery of the
Upper Mississippi. Marquette's Death and Burial. 30- 36
CHAPTER XII.                      
Count Frontenac and La Salle Secure the Head of the St. Lawrence and set
out to Establish a line of Communication
between Quebec and the Mouth of the Mississippi. La
Salle Builds Fort Frontenac at the Head of the St. Lawrence and another at
Niagara  Constructs the Griffin and
Launches her. The first Vessel on the Lakes.  Her trip up
the Lakes to Michilimackinac and Green Bay. His voyage
to the Country of the Illinois. Massacre of the Illinois by
the Iroquois. La Salle organizes the Illinois and other
tribes taking the Leadership. Builds a Fort on "Starve
Rock" on the Illinois River. Attempt to Found a Colony at
the mouth of the Mississippi. Assassination of La Salle.
Destruction of the Colony. 36-43
Hennepin Explores the Upper Mississippi. Captured by the
Sioux and taken to their Country. His Rescue and Arrival
at Green Bay. 43- 44
War Between the French and English Colonies. Frontenac
Ravages the Iroquois Country. That Nation sues for Peace
with the French. Detroit Founded. The French in Possession of the Country
from the St. Lawrence to the Gulf of
Mexico. 44-47
Fox River and Lake Winnebago Country. Traders and Voyageurs. Beautiful Scenery.
The Channel of Aboriginal and
Frontier Life. Trade and Travel. Here occurred the First
Intercourse between the Indians of the West and the Whites.
Capt. Jonathan Carver at Doty Island in 1766.  Siege of
Big Buttes des Morte bv De Louvigny in 1716.  48- 53
Battle of Little Buttes des Morte. Sanguinary Engagement.
The most Populous Village of the Foxes Destroyed The
Expulsion of the Foxes from the Fox River Valley. The
Menominees take Possession of the Fox Country. Tomah,
the Great Menominee Chief.  53- 55
Wisconsin the Border Ground in the Long Contest between the
Algonquins and Dacotahs. The Historic Ground of the
Northwest. The Souix the Original Inhabitants of Wisconsin. The Sioux expelled
by the Chippewas. 
The Winnebagoes, their villages and Chiefs.  55- 60
The French Posts and Settlements in the West. The Coureur
de Bois. His mode of Life and canoe voyages. French
Officers trained in Forest Warfare in the Campaigns of the
Fox Valley. De Beaujeu and Charles De Langlade, the
pioneer settler of Wisconsin, Defeat Braddock at the celebrated Battie of
the Monongehela. Opening and Closing
of the French-Indian War. Pontiac's War. Massacre of
the English Garrison at Michilimackinac. 61- 65
The early French Settiers. Judge Porlier and Grignons. Society of Green Bay
in the Early Day The New Comers, the
Americans. The Northwest in the War of 1812. Siege and
Surrender of the American Fort at Prairie du Chien. Massacre of the American
Garrison at Chicago in 1812. The
Kinzie family of Chicago.  65- 73
The White Settlements in the Northwest at the close of the War
of 1812. The Americans first take Possession. First American vessel at Green
Bay. The settlement of the Northwest
by the Americans virtually commenced with the working of
the Lead Mines in 1822. The Winnebago Outbreak in 1827.  73- 76
The Black Hawk War. Its Origin. Black Hawk's Statement.
The Battle of Sycamore Creek. Massacre of three Fami-
lies. Battle of the Wisconsin. Battle of the Bad Axe.
Capture of Black Hawk. 76- 78

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