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Biographical and statistical history of the city of Oshkosh, Winnebago Co., Wisconsin : its early history, progress, and present condition

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was the Red man, his village, his plant- I great confederacy in 1848, and
now we
ing grounds; his council fires and his see it take the proud position of
one of
war dances; and where were heard the the sister states of the Union, with
monotonous drum   or the shrill wnr vantage of soil, climate, mineral wealth,
whoop-are now (sur proud city, team- exhaustless pine forests, and facilities
ing with a busy and a prosperous peo- commerce, second to none in the Union.
pIe, commerce and manufactures, noble   s       EARLY VOYAGiES.
school and church ed fices, and the    As early as the year 1654, more than
abode of (civilization and retirement, two hundred years ago, was the first
have thus quickly taken the place of visit of the white nianto this place,
the wild enchantments of aboriginal life of which we have any Knowledge,
Before entering upon the immediate his endeavors to find the great river
purpose in view, it seems necessary to In 1651 another French trader, being
consider, though briefly, some of the actuated by a desire to find a passage
motives and incentives that led to the across the State, as well as to trade
discovery and early settlement of this the Indian for his Furs, traversed
part of the country; and in doing so, the great wilderness between Lake Superior
early history of this place being so in- and Green Bay. But not until 1669,
timately connected with others in this was a permanent trading post establish-
part of the State, I find it proper to ed at that plaice. Froin that time
speak of and dwell at some length on the starting point being Green Bay,
their importance, being initial points to many trading, and exploring parties
the settlement of this. Green Bay was were drawn here by the facilities pre-
the entrepot for all those who caine for sented in our navigable rivers,
trade and traffic here for several years ing the Mississippi. Lake Michigan
Those who came to settle here, first was then called Illinois Like, and the
came to that place, gradually but surely, first voyage on its west shore
was in
to tind a place more suited to their 1670, when a Frenchman by the
ideas of western settlements, farther up of Perrot made avoyage from Green
the river.                           to Chicago. An overland route wvas at-
At that time Wisconsin was a wild, tended with difficulties, as the country
unknown, and mostly an unexplored Isooth of this was filed with a warlike
region. Its people consisted solely of race of savages. Milwaukee was occu-
the various Indian tribes, whofollow- picd by the Mlascoutin and Kickapoo
ed the chase or the war path, unininnidl Indians, who were ever distrustful
ful of; and indifferent to, the maul), I the incurion of the white mail.
transfers and changes through which l But to (turn to my narrative. In
their country was passing. Since the
times to which I shall allude; in a
period of about 166 years, the country,
now WisconsIn, has been under the
government of France 93 years; of Great
Britain, 31 years; of Virginia and Ohio
6 years; of Indiana 9 years; of Illinois 9
years, and lastly, of Michigan 18 years.
It was organized as a Territory in 1836,
and as a State and al member of the
1678 Marquette started from  Green Bay
({called Puans), up the Lower and Ulaper
Fox, to the Wisconsin; thence down
that river reaching the Mississippi, be-
ing the first successful voyage across the
country, and the first discovery of the
upper waters of that river. It is diffi-
cult to conceive a more difficult or
hazardous undertaking than the explor
ation of this country at that early day.
Xa ,  a 's -P I

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