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Mitchel, Martin; Osborn, Joseph H. / Geographical and statistical history of the county of Winnebago ... to which is prefixed a general view of the state of Wisconsin, together with a census table from its first settlement to the present time.

Winnebago county,   pp. 52-7 ff. PDF (16.9 MB)

Page 6

Agricultureal WArehouse,
First door east of Marks' Exchange, Oshkosh Wis.   
RESPECTFULLY call the attention of Farmers to their assortment of Agricultural
Implements. In these days of progress and economy in farming operations,
the importance Of obtaining the best implements, or machinery, is quite evident.
Contfident in the belief that we can furnish articles of our own manufacturer
if not superior to any other in market, we solicit an examination of our
stock. It is composed,
in part,of the following articles:
Of these, we have of Lever Powers, three kinds, 4, 6, and 8
horse.    Of Treads, we have two kinds, 1 and 2 horse. Of
Separators, we have four kinds, adapted to 1 and 2 horse
tread, and 6 and 8 horse lever power. Of Open Threshers,
we have three kinds, adapted to 1 and 2 horse tread power,
and 4 horse lever.
These Machines will thresh, in average kinds of grains as follows: An 8 horse
machine and separator will clean froms 350 to 500 bushels of wheat per day;
a 6 horse machine from 300 to 450 bushels per day; 2 horse Tread from 300
to 400 bushels
per day; 1 horse tread from 100 to 150 bushels per day. 
These machines are all built of the very best materials, 
and having had several years experience in building threshing machines,
we do not hesitate to say that we offer to the farmer and thresher better
relative to variety, superiority and price, than any other establishment
the West.
Farmers and threshers having machines built in this State, or in the East,
can get
them repaired here on the shortest notice and and the most reasonable terms.
We also manufacture and keep for sale
Wood Sawing Machines, Straw Cutters, Vegetable Cutters,
Spring Tooth and Revolving Hay Rakes. Wheat Drills,
Cultivators, Adjusting, Stationary and Wheat Harrows,
Horse and Hand Corn and Seed Planters,
Corn Shellers, Mills for Grinding Feed,
Hand Mills for Family use, Geddes
improved Scotch and Common
Harrows, Shovel Plows, doub-
le and single, and Jump-
ing Shovel for tim-
bered land, Plows, embracing a large variety; Breaking Plow.
of all sizes, Crossing Plows of the different manufactures in
this section of country, and

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