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Wisconsin and its opportunities : illustrated by photographs taken in northern Wisconsin

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T      O  the farmer the matter of cli-
       mate is of equal importance
T     with the character of the soil.
       Many men are held back from
coming to Northern Wisconsin from
fear that they are moving into too cold
a climate, but by glancing at a map
of the United States one can see that
the larger part of Minnesota and that
part of the state of North Dakota
which contains the greatest wheat
fields in the world are further north
than any part of the territory to which
your attention is called. Furthermore,
nearly the entire area of Canada lies
north of this region. Though a little
colder than the states farther south.
there are many advantages attendant
on this colder climate, only fully rea-
lized by those who live here. The win-
ters are almost entirely free from the
continual thaws and sleet storms so
detrimental to live stock. The cover-
ing of snow which comes in November
and lasts continually throughout the
winter, provides the ground with a
blanket which protects the soil from
freezing more than a few inches, and
by this protection permits such great
feeding crops as red clover and tim-
othy to spread themselves from year
to year, instead of being a one sea-
son's growth, as in many states.
Either from its situation or the tim-
bered character of the land, this coun-
try is almost entirely free from bliz-
zards. Its elevation is so high that
the clear, still, dry cold keeps the
blood in circulation, and the body with-
stands it without effort. Since one is
relieved from the piercing winds of
the states farther south, he finds that
a low thermometer, when the air is
dry and still, is nothing to be dreaded.
The snow is also a great aid to log-
ging operations, and allows a farmer
to depend on a cheap and easy haul
for his logs, ties, posts, poles, pulp-
wood and other products of the forest.
An offset to the cold weather is found
in the great abundance of fuel supply
always at hand. This permits a warm
house  without any    cost except the
work of cutting and piling the wood.
  This region is remarkably free from
those uncertain    and varying changes
in the weather during spring and fall,
so common in most localities, and so
trying to the health of man and beast.
In the summer the air retains its
bracing qualities, while the nights are
uniformly comfortably cool.
  The following clipping is a reminder
that cold weather occurs in other parts
of the United States than in Northern
Wasmblgton. D. C., Feb. 6 1i0.-Tbh weather bureau
announced to day that the outlook is for continued cold
weather, not onily in this secton. but over a large part
of the United states. Zero weather extends as far south
as Oklahoma and the Dakotas report 200tou degrees
below zero this bnorbing. Tbe coldest point bown by
the official report. is Valentine, Neb., whicb registered
32 below.

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