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Bigler, Brian J.; Mudrey, Lynn Martinson / The Norway Building of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair : a building's journey from Norway to America : an architectural legacy

From grand exposition to private estate,   pp. 28-35 PDF (2.3 MB)

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Map of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, 1895. Notice the CKG. Billings
property on the north shore, near the east end of the lake.
From "The Story of Lake Geneva," N.W. Smails, 1895. State Historical Society of
Wisconsin pamphlet Collection.
Wrigley takes to the camera man's job like a veteran and gets
plenty of excitement and diversion behind the crank.'
William Wrigley Jr. passed away in 1932, and his widow, Mrs. Ada
Wrigley, continued to use Green Gables as the family's summer home.
The Norway Building, which once was extolled with numerous superla-
tives by the journalists of the great World's Fair, had by this time fallen
into slight disrepair. The Wrigley family offered the Norway Building to
several Norwegian societies so that the building could be preserved, but
with no success. Because of the Depression, in every case the organiza-
tions contacted wanted the building moved and an endowment estab-
lished to maintain it.
Finally, a Chicago businessman by the name of Isak Dahle contacted
the Wrigley family regarding the Norway Building. Mr. Dahle was in the

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