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Neenah and Menasha Water Power Co. / Fox and Wisconsin Improvement Co. letter to the Secretary of War, relative to storage of water in Lake Winnebago, complete history of the Neenah Dam. Its private ownership and rights.

Appendix,   pp. 1a-[46a] ff.

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persons in their service passing upon or along the same; 
Provided, the said alternate sections, reserved to the United 
States, shall not be sold at a less rate than two dollars and 
fifty cents the acre: Provided, also, That no preemptive 
claim to the lands so reserved shall give the occupant, or 
any other person claiming through or under him, a right to 
said lands at any price less than the price fixed in this act, 
at the time of the settlement on said lands. 
  SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That as soon as the 
Territory of Wisconsin shall be admitted as a State into the 
Union, all the lands granted by this act shall be and become 
the property of said State, for the purpose contemplated in 
this act, and no other; Provided, That the Legislature of 
said State shall agree to accept said grant upon the terms 
specified in this act; and shall have power to fix the price at 
which said lands shall be sold, not less than one dollar and 
twenty-five cents the acre; and to adopt such kind and plan 
of improvement on said route as the said Legislature shall 
from time to time determine for the best interest of said 
State. Provided also, That the lands hereby granted shall 
not be conveyed or disposed of by said State, except as said 
improvements shall progress: that is, the said State may sell 
so much of said lands as shall produce the sum of twenty 
thousand dollars, and then the sales shall cease until the 
governor of said State shall certify the fact to the President 
of the United States, that one-half of said sum has been ex- 
pended upon said improvements, when the said State may 
sell and dispose of a quantity of said lands sufficient to reim- 
burse the amount expended; and thus the sales shall pro- 
gress as the proceeds thereof shall be expended, and the 
fact of such expenditure certified in the manner herein 
   SEC. 3. And be it further enacted, That the said improve- 
ment shall be commenced within three years after the said 
State shall be admitted into the Union, and completed with- 
in twenty years, or the United States shall be entitled to 
receive the amount for which any of said lands may have 
been sold by said State: Provided, That the title of pur- 
chasers under the sales made by the State in pursuance of 
this act, shall be valid. 
    Approved, August 8, 1846. 

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