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The Valley of the Lower Fox: historical, descriptive, picturesque

The illustrations,   pp. [40]-[56] ff.

Page [49]

thie -Coniterciaii   KUL which is 
the caalI  \gu W4     the stonet 
11ace: Company, 
      The ViQ)Itm l'2mntrc s.trec 
account of its betig tei onog 't 
don (df the courtry. Ile]{  c,  itý , 
ing the Ju1l )Kw, in rptcni]crt. T& 
Vanld.i}o system is tsctd wd th 
Ln- has Want h ighly sati tar : ! to 
A   ituat e  the Ki    IT, / tii the 
   UK         -t JQU jii ) I I) 
It railway  is  an  instii tth n  that has 
at         ai l 14 K I III {:J t i ty it A- 
.1 WaI ') i ' Of in lanit y r1 1  . 
e me~ ortL  and oncha. f ndtlr,  , f6 
  2 I{ li lY(,   ;I ]{ )I u C -];i t  I  I i ]i  l Ol 
C    K ii" in loae "nm the  tbw r 
the conplrmy. The odthc'rs o}f the 
top iof this h QUA is a Mu, sh1owing- 
andI the worii of thc National Fur- 
;tla-   1 ,K  q 4 iimaIbh  att  ttion  on 
Kd m  1)IK)J)KII I  lnmnqr, in  this  see- 
am   the Ine was i aI l foir  o]terat- 
track An  five crs me uiseI. Ihe 
watr powear. ITe exterience thus 
comi )any arc ae follows: President, 
J. IE. Jlaninman ; Vice-I'rc(ident, N. l< Clark: AiC , 
tlarrinian, R. N. Iant, (Q.  MY (% rry, N. (M Iar 
rtary and Trasiirer, Joseph Kole; ol. )iieetors, J. IE 
and N. NI. I aols, 
       tei'rcA' Park at Alppleton is a vmry  lalifhtltil submurb, situated
just above the tlwjir dan, bteyonl 
the smoke and d(ust of the mitls, an( yet al % lrulWkir the river to a great
distance each "ly. The views 
made in iths vicinity show the oluthluooks utpon thle river each 1ay, a strk:t
view looking toward the more 
thickly popumlatcd portions of the city, and a glimpse of (ne of the r1vines
in the park. 
      Txwo water poe ri k ews at Menasha are taken fron the oof of the  Minasha
wIooli mnlls. Ihe 
one looking cast shows the p)ail and tab fact(ory (If John Strane,, tle woril
 of the MeCnasha Wooden 

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