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The Valley of the Lower Fox: historical, descriptive, picturesque

The illustrations,   pp. [40]-[56] ff.

Page [43]

widens into a miniature bay which forms the westeri boundary of the park,
and extends in to the line of 
the aveiene. TIhe drive-wav l adinm ito the park ii broad and followl tfl
 '1a1efl curves of the shore. 
       Another view xx t, oin" west rea chs across the littl bayk showing
faintly the rcsldeuce and grounds 
 of J. A. Kimberly, and the foliae along Wisiconsin Avxernie. 
       Another view looks in a nor thei tel1y direction alonig the wiidinkliIg
drive-way, showing the river 
throu(gh the trees. 
       In the view showing the entrance to the park a portion of tile bay
and river is also shown. 
Upon the opposite of the river in the distance is Roberts' Snminer R isort.
 At the mouth of the river 
the Government boats are faintly outlined, eigiged in widteii ng the channel
at that point. 
       Two viexxws of Wisconsin AVxniiC, N 1a 1iiie arc ,iven. [hehi larer
one shows the fiill xidth of the 
stret from  the Rnssell lHOUSe to the \\nisin iii Central Railway I)epot
and Lake Buttes des Morts. 
The smaller one shows the north side of the strect firom C(dar Stric t west
to the same points. This 
street is very broad and extends fromi Ikake \Vinieba-o to Iallei Buttes
des Morts. 
       The View xx om the roof of the RUsseCI lHouse, Neenah, looking north,
shoxs Cedar Street, north 
of Wisconsin Avemni, a portion of the xxwater power, the three bridges, and
then stretches away across 
the Island along Cominmercial AxrmUe, ontil the faint outlines define the
location of Menasha, a mile dis- 
tant. In the foregroun Id, the laige red building, occupied by the stores
of William Kellott and A. Bill- 
stein, is one of the pioneers of the liisiicss ceitei 
NF.ENAll--III(1I S(,11001,I BUIIL)IN(J. 

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