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The Valley of the Lower Fox: historical, descriptive, picturesque

The illustrations,   pp. [40]-[56] ff.

Page [42]

       Txxo views from the public square in Menasha are given. The mie looking,
cast shows orie of the 
bisiness streets with thl river il the di'Ile. lh arge brick building om
the right is the National 
       The viex\ looking west shoiws the 1xink huihling of Helw itt, S011
CA., ;L large bick Wuilding ad- 
joining, and ei)yond is seen the tower mid outkiiis 4f the city hail. a fine
1Rick W)iildingi of  modern ie- 
sign, rccently erected. 
       A xie", on the canal inl Mcnasha shows a cctihn of the xxater
tmeir. Ile two large bi clk build- 
ings are the paint shop and (inc   ot the   l  inasha \Vodc \ii aie Ctnn
y, the largest wori, of the 
kind in the wola(.   hle Iuihlirigs shown arc at the ca t inl of its plunt,
the other buildirgs liing thvi1 
in another view. To the ca.t arc the Ilaniilc iicd t cs of C. R. Smith, the
Excelsior x)rlks of 1) T. H". 
\lackinon, sash and door facto), of John Schniciet, thl Star tfnuring, mill-,
and the Chair factoryi xuildigs. 
       i'ioi the otfice of the Mcnasha wxxnien i ills a xvitewv taktki in
a portion of the layco street 
biridges, glimpses of the canal and Ai-ic, the Mcnasha woolen iiiis of \V.
1. Hewxxitt & Co, and thell 
stretches across the rivcr to D)ot Iand   The street shtowx is the main thor.lhifaie
1'ctxxtcci Minasha 
and Neenah,   ()in the left in the distance is a Catholic chuiichi recetly
built, and Iixlliil the righlt, but 
concealed in the thiclk foliage, arc the ,esidcnccs of Henry llexitt, Sr,
and A. . \, ebster. 
       At the fot of the Menasha canal "ine get a vie" of the miniature
lake whlicli the canal ormn- just 
aiove the hocks, the paper mill of (O;e I  A. \Whiting, and upojn the left
the view runs along the cniil 
until it fatles  awa  in  the  outlines  of  mills  and  facttnic i . 

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