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The Valley of the Lower Fox: historical, descriptive, picturesque

Lawrence University,   pp. [36]-[40]

The illustrations,   pp. [40]-[56] ff.

Page [40]

1D,;'ERE  \AND  \\l 'S D I It \'-I'\V  1\ Tfll  I \IR I1 GR(LNIAS. 
tihe school was openiml, althong~h thor: 7tI as yet -"t twcvhK houa.
in the pace. TIS  Curt college 
chow was ) ira iniz \l Iin 185 it 1 - P 1 "i \t , , i rl ive of Mrt
-i n ini , donated 
$!"o,oc~o as a lihrm-y I'!"d and   11i o: t:'I;itr:~t~ f this py
m~t h act the' name tf I t1t;tRq n was 
Kanii to the city In I , KI - n I llii I I, týnI gax r- "tx valIcd
it IrarIly teil thousand 
Collars to  Ammt!n the  C.lfillr  i:rh )  ()h~~rdm- tim  had: w li   the
 te micestlC   of  the  University 
intil it hl id ir r,      Ai Ile                lc t tInII i i i i I hCit
Ix thi banh l of the river 
it 1p iitlht c       I  ,tt  I li  I xl \v1 ti d w Q v xky I i ImildinigIi
are surrouinded by 
b be aiutitnl ja rkI  \m  'n  th1  ii A  Lt ti   l thix,  x k  \xill be 
Ami dI  ii'ix ; i , in, a  gljimpisc  of  the  front, 
or ix ligc A c tIM= tic  i   lt h1hi, 
iH E I LL L U 5"i ý Ai 0 N S) . 
tr tira ii tia t it i a i- m i a i a t t t a i x1 1" oll II i aniy.
"cgwyxhur anl the industr.a         ifuc~ ) this u(,)  rc i4imont and
Sentation  in  a  Nt(ork  of  tlh~  ch rcr. 
     The title t~t i t i iioft iw '      iti it, bilt a wx Id of 
to the in t ier st i i I I \ iI\Iti 
     lixt Iid  I'iM I  at  Nccnal,  Is  lrl  I  Iii  n  m ibieeni  No  ill,:ti
ation i anIi 
od the iiici tii s of its ii cati A ti n d si t .li t i j iI Th x hich v
)c eii [ i 
tWJ,il n r Nom  iscunsin]l  A\\ nic  at  the  iy l}]( r d  ofllt["\,l
 is  known)\t  ats  i ark .~ m 4 
i laid interesting; ilius- 
Csqnc scenery" nbotllndS 
s as to cAl for ril)rx- 
Lhdcwription may add 
-ivx a f ill conception 
nt tI o[liii the park is 
.At this point the riVer 

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