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Shattuck, S. F., et. al (ed.) / A history of Neenah

City administration,   pp. 213-219 PDF (1.8 MB)

Page 217

Neenah Fire Departmenti19I0. Names from left to right: Herman Vogt, George
Christoph, Chief;
Charles Meerbach, Martin Wachholz (white coat), Al Staffeld, Louis Bergstrom,
Louis (Little) Nelson,
Emil Melchert, Will Mason, Russ Allender (driver for Mason & Nagel Livery),
Fred Mason (?), Joe Cox,
August Eberlein (Asst. Chief), Silas Martens, unknown driver for livery,
Louis (Nickel) Nelson. At
entrance to City Hall: John Fullam and Tom Kelly. The two children standing
beside John Fullam and
Tom Kelly are Alice and Kenneth Rausch, children of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rausch,
former Fire Chief.
Kenneth is a present fireman.
   Prior to this time, Mr. Christoph had slept at the City Hall during
the night, and kept his team of horses there overnight and on holidays.
During the daytime, the old bell still summoned the nearest teamster.
In addition, the Kellett & Coats livery stable (later Mason & Nagel)
which was located on the site of the present ERA building, furnished
a team. This stable was later moved to 216 South Commercial Street,
and Mr. Rausch states that one favorite horse, when the bit was put
in his mouth, would immediately walk, via the sidewalk, to the City
Hall and turn into the fire station!
John Zick, Chief
F. Diesterhaupt, Capt.
H. Howmnan, Capt.
K. Rausch
L. Loehning
A. Krutz
R. Mertz
C. Douglas
G. Sturgis
R. Tornow
N. Bonnin
Present Force
       G. Hackstock
       N. Hoeper
       W. Lange
       A. Lange
       H. Gullickson
       G. Krause
       D. Levick
       G. Casperson
       G. Haufe
       B. Williams (temporary)

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