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Shattuck, S. F., et. al (ed.) / A history of Neenah

City administration,   pp. 213-219 PDF (1.8 MB)

Page 216

John Christoph         1896-97
W. I.. Jones           1898-1901
Louis Bergstrom        1902-09
George Christoph       1910-19
  (first appointed under newly-formed
L. M. Rausch
  (first full-time paid Chief)
Howard Heup
John Zick
  On March 15, 1893, the department was disbanded, and reorganized
on a volunteer basis on October 3, 18993.
  Heads of the Neenah Rescue Hook and Ladder Company. (Avail-
able records list the following.)
Adam Erghott,
H. 0. Clark
J. T. Enos
J. H. Jones
H. E. Coats
A. T. Perry
J. Stilp
Foreman 1875 (Taken from Cunningham)
  (May 12) 1881      Dr. Valerious
           1883      A. T. Perry
    (June 3) I884    John F. Brown
    (Aug. 6) 1884    E. Goodman
           1885      J. Stilp
           1886      C. Johnson
(June T) 1887
  Many present-day citizens recall the two ropes, with handles, that
dangled at the entrance to the City Hall. The ropes connected with
two clappers in the belfry, where the bell hangs. When a fire was re-
ported, the nearest person grabbed the handles and set up a rapid
jangling of the bell. That started a race of teamsters for the City Hall.
The winner hitched his team to the hook and ladder truck, and off
they galloped to the fire-and a $S reward!
  In 191o, pursuant to the law establishing Police & Fire Commis-
sions in fourth class cities, the Fire Department was reorganized and
began functioning under the Commission. Mr. George Christoph was
appointed Chief, with fifteen men comprising the force. The depart-
ment operated on a volunteer basis.
   In 1916, when C. B. Clark was Mayor, Mr. Clark and Mr. Louis
Rausch purchased the first motor-driven truck, replacing the hook
and ladder companies. This truck, with 35o gallon pump, was deliv-
ered in i91--and Mr. Rausch and Mr. William Hoeper were the
first drivers. With the arrival of the truck, the two drivers began sleep-
ing at the City Hall, and Mr. Rausch recalls that after working three
months without a day off, Mr. August Eberlein was hired.

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