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Shattuck, S. F., et. al (ed.) / A history of Neenah

The 1920's,   pp. 97-[108] PDF (2.5 MB)

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Dotv Cabin Moved to Doty Park
  In 1926, as Doty Park was taking shape, the Strange family, at the
suggestion of the Neenah Park Board, gave to the city the original
Doty Cabin, the one-time home of James Duane Doty, second terri-
torial Governor. The old structure originally faced the mouth of the
river, as shown on page 42 of Cunningham's history. It was moved to
the site of its replica in Doty Park, facing Lincoln Street. Today the
replica of this historic old cabin houses many relics of the pioneer days,
including some of the possessions of the late Governor and his wife.
It is visited each year by hundreds of persons, including tourists from
practically every state in the union.
  When the original edition of Cunningham's History was exhausted,
Emma Foeltzer Burnham made 27 longhand copies for her friends
and relatives, and one of these remarkable copies is placed in the
Doty Cabin. Mrs. Burnham celebrated her 9oth birthday on Feb-
ruary 22, 1958. Her interest in the writing of this history never
  The Neenah-Menasha Finance Company began doing business here
in 1926.
  The year 1927 brought Krause's, a men's clothing store, to
Neenah; saw the name of the Wisconsin Traction Light, Heat & Power
Company changed to the Wisconsin Michigan Power Company, and
the Postal Telegraph Company moved into the Spude Electric Com-
pany building on North Commercial Street.
Marathon Corporation
  So far as this record is concerned, 1927 is the key date in referring
to the Marathon Corporation, for it was in this year that the Mara-
athon Company, of Rothschild, Wisconsin, under the far-sighted lead-
ership of D. C. Everest, acquired the Menasha Printing & Carton
Company. The Menasha Printing & Carton Company was the result
of a merger in 1917 of the Menasha Printing Company, founded by
Sam Clinedinst, and the Menasha Carton Company, organized by
George S. Gaylord. From 1927 there followed, through the '30s, '40s
and '5os, expansion at home and across the land, until today Marathon
THE 1920'S

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