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Shattuck, S. F., et. al (ed.) / A history of Neenah

The impact of science and invention,   pp. 21-[28] PDF (1.6 MB)

Page 25

ing question. Shopping centers on the city's rim, with plentiful land
for the parking of cars, attract not only the rural shopper, but many
residents of the inner city.
  That Neenah has felt the impact of this outward movement, wit-
ness the increase in chain food stores and residential and industrial
building to the south and west of the city.
   It will be an interesting backward look in the year ├Żooo to view
measures our city and its mercantile leaders shall have taken, or have
failed to take, to preserve real estate values and business investments
at the city's heart.
   Many readers of these words will be able, with a bit of imagination,
to add to the illustrations here noted. Possibly the epochal flight of
Charles A. Lindbergh in 1927 fittingly dramatizes the onrush of these
many products of research and engineering skill that have crowded in
upon our generation. It was on May 20 of that year that he took off
alone for Paris, landing in the evening of May 21, after a non-stop
flight of 3,61o miles in about ,3  hours. For this achievement Lind-
bergh was feted in France, Belgium and England-and on his return
to this country, he was lionized in New York and Washington. To us,
as we look back across the intervening thirty years, the significant
fact is that this trans-Atlantic flight of the "Spirit of St. Louis"
the door to world air travel, which, in 1958, is accepted in the same
matter-of-fact fashion as boarding a bus or a railroad train.
,a Story by Decades
  What follows is a sketch, by decades.
  Our effort is to be considered a framework to which many readers
will be able to add items of human interest and factual value. To pro-
mote this idea of a cooperative and continuing history, the reader will
find blank pages at the end of each chapter. Use these pages to note
your suggestions. Spotting of any factual errors will be particularly
  When Neenah nears her centennial in 1973, this home-made effort
should be revised in the light of the added material that you can assist
in providing.
   It is suggested that all additions and corrections be lodged with offi-
cers of the local Historical Society.

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