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Shattuck, S. F., et. al (ed.) / A history of Neenah

The 1840's to 1860's inclusive,   pp. 13-20 PDF (2.0 MB)

Page 18

tongue and their Lutheran background. Trinity Lutheran Church, one
of Neenah's progressive and most influential churches, was established
on December 26, i86s. Their first place of meeting was on Walnut
Street, between Olive Street and Washington Avenue. Needing more
space, the present church was erected on the corner of Oak Street and
Franklin Avenue in i888.
  z86 ---From this point, particularly as the legal tangle between the
affairs of Harrison Reed and the Harvey Jones estate cleared uip, the
framework of the little town rapidly takes on form and substance.
Events and advances fairly crowd each other into existence. The fore-
runner of the First National Bank opened for business in i86Mi, oc-
cupying the ground floor corner of the Pettibone Block (present site of
the bank).
  Of equal significance was extension of the Chicago and North-
western tracks from Fond du Lac, reaching Neenah during this
epochal year.
  And, let us be reminded that the railroad facilitated the movement
of troops from this area into the Union Armies during the early '6os.
  A weekly newspaper, The Island City Times, was established by
J. N. Stone in 1863.
N\,eenah's First Bulk 7Plant
  The first bulk plant in Neenah was the forerunner of the present
Socony Mobil Oil Company, Inc. Way back in i86o, it started as the
Valvoline Oil Company, on High Street. When their High Street
quarters were destroyed by fire in the early 19oo's, they moved to the
present location at 167 North 1,ake Street. The Valvoline Oil Com-
pany was purchased by the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company in Novem-
ber 1941. The name was changed to Socony Mobil Oil Company on
April 28, 1955. (The above information furnished by the local repre-
sentative of Socony Mobil Oil Company.)
Twin (ity Monument Works
  Although Charles J. Madson made the Twin City Monument
Works what it is today, it had its beginning 59 years before Charley
took over in 1924. On the site of Shattuck- Park, in a small frame

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