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Shattuck, S. F., et. al (ed.) / A history of Neenah

The Cunningham era in perspective,   pp. 3-11 ff. PDF (2.8 MB)

Page 8

  "We have from the lips of a gentleman, now a resident of this state,
who knew
Jones and his family in New York, the following incident as illustrative
of his trad-
ing propensities while yet a boy. It was a habit of Jones' father, who was
owner of a
New England Farm, to give each of his boys a piece of land which they cultivated
for their own profit, putting in just such crops as they wished, and disposing
of the
same as best suited them. It is told of Harvey Jones, that no sooner would
the other
boys get their crops in than he would begin buying and trading with them,
and as
a rule, by harvest time he would own or control the product of each boys'
bit of
George's father, Gilbert Jones, was one of the three sons of Harvey.
George, in his visit of November 15, T955, said that his father had
branded Cunningham's story as false. George Jones died shortly
thereafter at the ripe age of 92. We hereby keep faith with him.
flow Doty Island Came To Be Divided Between the Twin Cities
  Since entering upon this historical project the question has been
asked, "How and when was Doty Island divided-half to Menasha
and half to Neenah ?"
  The early histories of the region (Cunningham, Lawson and Har-
ney) don't spell it out. Rather, they seem to take it for granted. The
historical background of the problem is as follows:
  The township of Neenah was defined and organized February ii,
I847, by an act of the territorial legislature. It comprised Township 20,
ranges 16, 17 and the north half of Township 19, ranges i6 and 17. To
put it in more understandable terms, the original township of Neenah
embraced the present town of that name, plus the present towns of
Menasha, Vinland and Clayton.
  In 1849 the towns of Vinland and Clayton were split off and given
independent status, and in i8SS the present town of Menasha was
taken from the original town of Neenah. The village of Menasha was
constituted on July 5, 1853, while still within the township of Neenah.
  The above separations were guided by sectional lines. When it came
to disposition of Doty Island, it was found that the island lay almost
exactly between the north and south lines of sections 19, 20, 21, 22 and
23 of town 20 north, range 17 east. If sectional lines had been followed,
the island would have gone either to Menasha, with only a sliver on
the south shore left for Neenah, or Neenah would have acquired the

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