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First Presbyterian Church, Neenah, Wisconsin, 1848-1998; 150 years of mission and ministry

[History of the First Presbyterian Church, Neenah, Wisconsin],   pp. 8-73

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  Some time during the 1930s, 
a photograph of the church was 
         made into a postcard. 
bruary 17, 1934 
Io the Session andu 
of the first Presbyteri 
Neenah, Wisconsin 
   I herewith present 
Church of Neenah, N 
in memory of Henry 
active member of this 
ested in its welfare, a: 
plan that would insur 
   To this end he gav 
work of the church, a 
Board of Trustees for 
   In presenting this 
ing not only my own 
in which Mr. Babcoc] 
it is my earnest wish t 
organ will serve as an 
this church and give ý 
members and congreg 
'14r,. Fannie I RAcncL- 
the Board of Trustees 
Ahurch I hereby accept 
gift of the Henry 
rial Organ. 
to express the constant 
and appreciation that 
his instrument by the 
ly a fitting and beauti- 
rely trust it will be an 
hat will pay continued 
us gratitude. 
ours very truly, 
. C. Gilbert 
1918: World War I ends.       92: 
      Leonard Bernstein, Americaf  t 
      composer and conductor, is 
      born.                    922: 1 
      Regular airmail service is 
      established between New Y) 
      City and Washington, D. C. 
      Influenza epidemic sweeps 
      globe, killing nearly 22 millic 
      people by 1920. 
      Wisconsin becomes first z 
      to establish numbering syst, 
      for highways - odd number! 
      north-south highways and e 
      numbers for state highways 
      running east-west. 
 1919: 18th amendment is ratified: 
      prohibition becomes law. 
 1920: League of Nations forms: 
      U.S. Senate votes against 
      country joining. 
      19th amendment is ratified af 
      women win right to vote. 
      Wisconsin's approval is firstt1925 
      reach Congress. 
      Warren G. Harding is elected 
      Church has 591 members and 
      operating budget of $13,016. 
Local highlights of the decade: Thed 
      Clark Nursing School is 
      established: Young Women's 
      Christian Association (YWCA 
      forms in Neenah: original Valli 
      Inn is built: Neenah chaptero0 
      Red Cross is established. 

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