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Hong, Edna Hatlestad, 1913- / Muskego boy

Chapter 3: Goodbye to Drammen,   pp. [15]-22

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sacks. Lars was very likely laughing because they had to walk to Drammen
and couldn't ride in a fine carriage. He perhaps thought it was very funny
that Bestemor was riding on top of a chest on Ola-by-the-Spring's wagon.
"Just you wait, Lars," Mikkel muttered, though Lars was nowhere
to be 
seen. "When I come back again I shall have just as fine a carriage as
the king. 
Just you wait!" 
When they came to the churchyard they stopped to rest and pay a last 
visit to Bestefar's grave. The women folk cried and Far and Uncle Knud 
stood with their hats off. Bestemor stayed so long Far had to take her arm
and lead her back to the road. For a long time after they started she hid
her face in her black woolen shawl. 
Never had it taken so long to go to Drammen. People came out of house 
after house to bid them good-bye, to send greetings to friends who were 
already in America, to scold them for going to a heathen land, to give them
a little tidbit to eat on the way. 
When at last they came to Drammen and Karen saw all the people and 
fine carriages and shop windows, she became so excited she hardly knew 
whether she was standing on her head or on her feet. 
"Mikkel ! Mikkel !" she cried, jumping up and down. "Is this
Mikkel took a tight hold of Karen's hand. Red-faced, he looked about to 
see if anyone else had heard. 
"Of course not, little goose!" he said very loudly, just in case
had heard. "This is only Drammen. America is ten times-a hundred times
---a million times bigger than this!" 
As they went on shop clerks came out and shouted, "So you are going
Far just nodded his head and trudged on. He did not have time to stop 

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