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Sebenthal, Betty; Darrow, M.M.; Babcock, Vera; Kittleson, Ansel (ed.) / The Mount Horeb centennial book : 1861-1961

Part twelve: Churches,   pp. 83-90 PDF (3.7 MB)

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Perry Catholics gathered in their new church
each Sunday to pray the Rosary and recite the
litany of the Blessed Virgin, after which one of
the elders read the epistle and gospel for the
Sunday with the accompanying instructions as
found in the well-known commentary "Goffine".
About once a month, either on Sunday or on a
week day, the members took turns to get the
priest from Cross Plains, and later on from Pine
Bluff, to say Mass and administer the sacra-
This situation continued for 35 years until a
Catholic church was built in Mt. Horeb, and
Perry became a mission to the former.
Founding of St. Ignatius Congregation
Mt. Horeb had been established as a postal
station for some 33 years when the first meeting
of St. Ignatius Congregation was held on Febru-
ary 24, 1894. The congregation at this time con-
sisted of but 10 families. Present at the meeting
were: Messrs. M. Rephan, F. Rephan, J. Reilly,
B. Murphy, M. Cunneen, Eugene Allen and
Father Ignatius Klein, pastor of St. Mary's
Church, Pine Bluff, and of Holy Redeemer, Perry.
At a meeting it was agreed that a church
should be built in Mt. Horeb, the latter show-
ing signs of becoming a thriving community.
Land was bought and construction on the new
church began on October 5, 1894. Some three
months later the cornerstone of the new build-
ing was laid by Fr. Klein. On January 9, 1895,
the new St. Ignatius Church of Mt. Horeb was
dedicated by Archbishop F. X. Katzer of Mil-
This church was to serve Catholics in the Mt.
Horeb area for the next 57 years. During this
time the congregation grew from the original 10
to 110 families and was served by 9 pastors. The
first resident pastor of the Mt. Horeb church,
with Perry as a mission, was the Reverend J. J.
Salentin (1895-98). The second pastor was the
Reverend John Herriges, who served from 1898-
1901. Other pastors serving the two churches
were: the Reverends Joseph Schlitz (1901-02);
Albert Mueller (1902-05); Adam July (1905-09);
Theodore Rohner (1909-28); Michael Jacobs
(1928-36), now pastor at Milton Junction; Joa-
chim Haeusler (1936-41): and Theo. F. Thome
(1941-53), now a monsignor and pastor of St.
Bernard Church, Madison.
New Ignatius Church Is Built
In 1950, with their membership approaching
500, St. Ignatius parishioners voted to build a
new and larger church in order to meet the
growing needs of the congregation. A modern
structure of simple functional design made of
glazed buff brick at a cost of $165,000 was dedi-
cated on December 14, 1952, by the Most Rev-
erend William P. O'Connor, the first Bishop of
the Madison Diocese.
Reorganization of the Parish
In September, 1953. Father Thome was re-
placed by the present pastor, the Reverend An-
drew R. Breines. During the past 7 years marked

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