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Schoenman, Adolph / Milk testing : instructions for testing milk and dividing money for creameries, cheese factories and dairymen

Chapter II. Making the test,   pp. 11-16 PDF (1019.6 KB)

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tle without mixing with the milk that floats upon it.
The acid and milk should be thoroughly mixed to-
gether by gently shaking with a rotary motion.
  17. Whirling the Bottles. The test bottles con-
taining the mixture of milk and acid should be placed
in the machine and whirled directly after the acid is
added and mixed. In even numbered testers an even
number of bottles should be whirled at the same time,
and they should be placed in the wheel in pairs, op-
posite each other, so that the equilibrium of the wheel
will not be disturbed. The test should never be made
without the cover on the jacket. After seeing that
your bearing on the machine is all right, whirl the
bottles at the proper speed about five minutes; then
stop, and with pipette fill the bottles with hot distilled
or rain water to about the 7 per cent. mark, replace
the cover and whirl the bottles about one minute.
Now you are ready to measure the fat in the neck of
the bottle.
  Never attempt to measure the fat on any test bottle
unless it is warm enough for the fat to be quite liquid.
If the temperature in the room is cool, be sure and
have a pail of hot water at hand when the whirling is
completed. Then immerse your bottles in hot water
up to the figure ten on the neck, taking them out as
you get ready to measure the fat. It is impossible to
get a good reading unless the fat is quite hot.
  18. Measuring the Fat. The fat when measured'
should be warm enough to flow readily, so that the
line between the acid liquid and the column of fat will
quickly assume a horizontal position when the bottle
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