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Manitowoc County Historical Society / Manitowoc submarines

U. S. S. Menhaden (SS 377),   p. 27 PDF (357.4 KB)

U. S. S. Mero (SS 378),   p. 27 PDF (357.4 KB)

Page 27

                          U.S.S. Menhaden (SS 377)
Keel Laid - June 21, 1944
Launched - December 20, 1944
Commissioned - June 22, 1945
Sponsor - Miss Mirian R. Johnson - daughter of Congressman Nolle J. Johnson
  The U.S.S. Darter (SS 227) was that ill fated submarine which permanently
grounded while attempting to close and sink a cruiser already damaged by
Darter. The crew was removed by a friendly submarine and later ordered to
Manitowoc to place Menhaden in commission.
  Menhaden departed Manitowoc on July 15, 1945. She traversed the Mis-
sissippi River, then south and thru the Panama Canal then to Pearl Harbor
where she arrived on September 16, 1945. Menhaden was not destined to see
action for the war ended while she was still in Panama.
  Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, a former submarine Officer, to show his
appreciation and esteem for the outstanding achievements accomplished by
the submarine force, selected Menhaden as his flagship for a change of Com-
mand Ceremony, on November 24, 1945 the five star flag of Fleet Admiral
Nimitz was broken and hauled down as command changed. Menhaden was
taken out of commission at Mare Island Navy Yard on May 31, 1946. She was
put into commission on August 7, 1951 and operated out of San Diego,
California until August 13, 1952 when she was again placed out of commission.
At this time Menhaden was streamlined and a snorkel was installed.
  On March 6, 1953 the Menhaden once again broke the five star flag of Fleet
Admiral C. W. Nimitz. The occasion was the ceremony that put the ship back
into commission.
June 9, 1953 marked the date of Menhaden's first tour of duty in the Pacific.
She operated out of San Diego before leaving for the far east where she was
awarded the United Nations Medal and Korean Service Medal before returning
to San Diego. On August 18, 1955 Menhaden left for her second Far Eastern
Cruise where her operations led to the China Service Medal for services to
Chinese Nationalist Navy Vessels in Formosa. She returned to San Diego on
February 1956. In all Menhaden served five far eastern cruises and was on
active duty with the United States Submarine Forces until 1971 when she was
de-commissioned and placed in reserve.
                           U.S.S. Mero (SS 378)
Keel Laid - July 22, 1944
Launched - January 17, 1945
Commissioned - August 17, 1945
Sponsor - Mrs. Henry G. Taylor - Wife of Rear Admiral Taylor.
U.S.S. Mero was not destined to see action in the war against the Japanese.
The Hardship and the glory, shared by many of her sister ships built
in Manitowoc, was not to be hers. Hostilities had ceased before Mero was
for her intended role.
Late in 1945 the U.S.S. Mero departed Manitowoc, on the same route taken
by twenty seven other submarines builtby the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company.
She was the last submarine which had to traverse the Mid-Western Waterways
to reach New Orleans and the sea from the building yards at Manitowoc,
Although Mero never had a chance to serve her country in time of war she
now proudly serves the Turkish people to whom she was transferred April 20,
1960. The U.S.S. Mero now sails under the name of T.C.G. Hizir Reis.

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