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Green, Joy Martinson / Malone School : District No. 2, Springdale Township, Dane County, WI : a compilation of memorabilia

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Joy (Martinson) Green
(student 1960-62)
"My twin sister, Jan, and I                                  K -ij
attended Malone School in
first and second grade, then
the school closed in 1962. 1.                   -
remember the picnics, with
the lawn cleanup, bonfires                -          "-
and wiener roasts. I had a
crush on Jim Leuzinger, and
I have memories of chasing
him around the bases when
he played softball. I have a
vague memory of Steve
Leuzinger jumping down the
stairway, and crashing
through the landing. I rem-
ember Beth Loeffel banging
her forehead on the merry-
go-round, and there was
lots of blood.
We would watch the les-
sons being given to the
older classes. The library
was very small, and after                            I
going through the books for beginning readers, I quickly graduated  ,  M
to the volumes meant for older students. Learning always came  Malone Sch
easy to me. I believe the one-room environment was responsible        "k -Boa             c
for the 'jump start' in my education.
And what can I say about the building itself? It's a tiny
architectural gem, a thing of beauty and a source of pride.                              2
Having only spent two years there, I don't have a large cache of
memories from Malone, but I do think back with much fondness.
When we lost our rural schools, we lost that daily interaction with
our community. Also lost were many lessons teaching tolerance
and compassion for our neighbors. We had to learn to socialize.
We had to learn to compromise. We could not afford to throw
away our friendships."
cnic -Janice Leuzinger seated, center
Joy Martinson

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