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Green, Joy Martinson / Malone School : District No. 2, Springdale Township, Dane County, WI : a compilation of memorabilia

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John L. Eggum was born June 10, 1829, in
Lekangen, Sogn, Norway. He emigrated to America in
1859. It took 12 weeks for the little sailboat he came on
to cross the Atlantic Ocean. He first came to Norway
Grove, Dane County, Wisconsin. In 1865, he was mar-
ried to Martha Eggum (no relation). In the spring of
1868, he and his brother-in-law, Mons Berdahl, togeth-
er bought the Bill Dryden farm in Springdale, where he
lived until his death in 1904. His wife passed away in
1896. Nine children were born to them, two girls and
seven boys. All have passed away; Ben Eggum, the last
of the family passed away June 7, 1986.
John Eggum was an ardent reader and a charter
member of a library started in Mt. Horeb, as well as the
Mt. Horeb Academy when it was built. He was School
Clerk for nine terms, Church Trustee and Town
Treasurer for many years. He took great interest in
church affairs, as well as the betterment of social con-
ditions in the community. 0
John and Martha Eggum family. Standing in back (left to
right): Herman, Ole, Lewis and Carrie. Front row (left to right):
Joseph, Martha, Andrew, John L., Eric and Susie. Ben not yet
excerpted from '1948-1998 Town of Springdale'
Eric Eggum taught at Malone (see the 1902 Souvenir)
Mary, Molly and Bertha Gassier

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