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Madison, Wis. city directory 1898-9. Contains a complete business, street and general directory. Angell's patent numerical directory, and roster of Wisconsin regiments in the Civil War, list of city, county, state and federal officers, churches, schools, secret and benevolent societies, and public buildings; also, a directory of the faculty, societies and students of the University of Wisconsin
Vol. VI (1898-1899)

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Page 354

V".711"1 :91 n  m'I ..... . Phone 68o.
SWE                         354                 SYR
:,   Swensen Louise, clk H. & T., h N Canal         s18
     Swensen Luth, bkpr S. & M., h N Canal         118
 Swensen Mena, student, h N Canal                  118
SSwensen Thorvald (wf Helen), sexton G. E. church,
       h N Canal                                   118
  1-3-5, h N Canal                            118
Swenson Albert P., lab, h Rutledge           1340
Swenson Andrew J., gardener, h Rutledge      1340
     Swenson Andrew W. (wt Annie L.), carp, h Jeniter 1341
   I Swensop Carl, blaks F. & J., h Spaight        1229
 I Swenson Christena J., h Rutledge                1340
 S     (Wf Helene), contractor and builder, mnfr sash
 Q     doors, blinds, etc., dealer in pine and hardwood
       lumber, 523 E Main, h Rutledge              1215
Swenson John C., macht F. & J., h Spaight          1229
   * Swenson John P., lab, h Rutledge              1340
gGV Swenson Knute (wf Christina), carp, h Jenifer  707
tq gSwenson Matin (wid Hans), h E Gorham           1011
  , Swenson William R. (wf Hannah), carp, h Elmside.
   Swerig Hans A. (wf Agnes), del clk 0. & J., h E
a.     Wash. ave                                   405
  . Swerig Ida dom N Carroll                       404
  j Swerig Martin P. (wf Harriett I.), macht F. & J., h E
       Mifflin                                     1326
ci Swerig Nels P. (wf Rhodina), ship clk F. & J., h S
       Baldwin                                     601
   Swetmore John (wf Margaret L.), teamster, h E Gor-
n      ham                                         721
  0                    14.- T) -..- T- .. Nl". . ' I - - - .. I lt
;Wlil FrarUol 1. kwI ary %-.), CIK state treas, n W
  Main                                        316
Swift Samuel, barber H. G. B., h W Gorham     417
Sykes Angus C., student, h Mound             1212
Sykes Edward (wf Isabelle B.), farmer, h Mound  1212
Sylvester Charles, musician, E Wash. ave      202
George H. Putnam, mgr., mnfrs chilled and steel
plows, harrows, cultivators, wheelbarrows. scrapers
trucks, Williamson                        609-611
r First classMr-DR       OOD         House of .......
handise at Lowest                    HINRICHS &
?rice Visit the..                       THOMPSON

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