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Madison, Wis. city directory 1898-9. Contains a complete business, street and general directory. Angell's patent numerical directory, and roster of Wisconsin regiments in the Civil War, list of city, county, state and federal officers, churches, schools, secret and benevolent societies, and public buildings; also, a directory of the faculty, societies and students of the University of Wisconsin
Vol. VI (1898-1899)

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Page 319

linhiDi uaumn.min nil i tin ElAE~UA ~ rq i j-,~ A~
MaUU   WlllRo, OULL HlAHbIHb El"C'cal  Supply Co.
                             'Phone 680.  232-234 King St.
   SCH                  319                 SCH
                                             RES. NO.
 Scheler George, h Univ. ave                   621
 Scheler Henry (wf Fredericka), butcher, h 621 Univ.
 ave                                           621 R"'
 Scheler Otto C. (Scheler Bros.), h Univ. ave  621
 Scheler Rose, h Univ. ave                     621
 SCHENCK A. V. C., REV., D. D.
 (wf Adelia T.), h W Johnson                  1112
 Schenk Clara. dom Wis. ave                    504
 (wf Wilhelmina), groceries, provisions, saloon, 2006
 h Atwood ave                                 2006
 Schenk Frederick, jr., h Atwood ave          2006 w
 Schenk Herbert, clk, h Atwood ave            2006
 Schenk Matilda, clk, h Atwood ave            2006 IA
 Scherer Amalia (wid Louis), h Clymer          319
 Scherer George (wf Maria), brew H. B. Co., h W John-  imm
 son o                                         409
 Scherer John J. (wf Helena), patrolman, h W  John- Z
 son                                           409 OZ
 Scherer lulia U. (wid Frank), drsmkr, 306, h State  306
 Scherer Orpha, h Spaight                     1102
 (Wf Mary E.), dealer in fresh salt and dried meats,
 game and oysters in season, 205 State, h N Broom 308
 Scherer Simon, carp, h Spaight               1102
 Scherhardt Margaret, dom E Gorham             102
 Schermer Gustav (wf Caroline), lab, h S Patterson  9
 Schermer Maria Mrs., h Williamson            810
 Schermerhorn Emma R., teacher, h W Wilson    640
 Schermerhorn Herbert L., wks J. E., h W Wilson  640
 Schermerhorn John E. (wf Susan C.), lab, h W       t7'
 Wilson                                       640   t7"
 Scheron Louis (wf Mary), shmkr, h W Gorham o 403
 Scheuring John, h Julia                      412
 Schieg Frederick W. (wf Susan), lab, h W Dayton  606
 Schienhofen Anton, teams, h Monona            121
 Schildhauer Henry (wf Annie), chief Dep. Coll. Int.
 Rev., h W Wash. ave                          418
 Schilling Alice, h N Pinckney                218
 Schilling George E., h N Pinckney            218 IrJ
 Schilling Mary H. Mrs., h N Pinckney         218 C
T I.M      H      IIT     , Cassius B. Nelson

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