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Madison, Wis. city directory 1898-9. Contains a complete business, street and general directory. Angell's patent numerical directory, and roster of Wisconsin regiments in the Civil War, list of city, county, state and federal officers, churches, schools, secret and benevolent societies, and public buildings; also, a directory of the faculty, societies and students of the University of Wisconsin

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R A W  k % W %1 %A A VJ I A IJ U%% I t LV U I/ UL J yH V J IV U U IA h  
U .  K n  S t.IA U U US t .
           .....i             ....K      ing St.
  ONS                 283                OTT
                                          RES. NO.
On Sine" Co. Chinese Laundry. Woo Chin. Woo On.
  Jim Gee, Charlie Fong, King                '211 PIg
  On Woo, (On Sing Co.), h State             306
  Onsgard Swain 0., police capitol, h W  Dayton   325
  Onshager Caroline, dom Lake                616
  W. J. Wirka, propr, W Mifflin              20
  Opheim Louise, dom Jenifer                 854
  Oppel lohn G. (wf Margaret), clk Oppel, h S Blair o 126
  Oppel Nellie, h S Blair o                  126
Oppel William A. (wf Katharine), propr Oppel's
  FancyGrocery, h N Hancock                  16
Oppel William A. Jr.(wf Mabel Wells), mgr Oppel's
  Fancy Grocery, h W Gilman o                14
OPPEL'S FANCY GROCERY,                       14
  (Established '57) W. A. Oppel, propr; fancy grocer-
  ies, oysters, fish and game, E Main        116
Oran Carrie, dom E Johnson                  1215 t21
Orton Park, bet Spaight, Rutledge, S Few and S In-
Orvis Alvah G. (wf Emma), engr St. P. R'y, h E Day-
  ton                                       116
Orvis Bert F. (wf Emma F.), package del, h Emer-
  ald                                       936
Orvis William H. (wf Nellie M.), asst State Law Li-
  brarian, h W Gilman                       223   1E
Osborn Delaware W. (wf Belle E.), ret, h Langdon  241
Osborn Lorenzo (wf Annie H.), teams, h N Mills (1118)42
Osborn Robert H. (wf Maggie B.), wks G. M. Co.,h  42
  E Dayton                                 1437
Osborn Robert H. Jr. (wf Grace M.), wks F. & J., h E
  Dayton                                   1441 9I
Osborn Willard R. (wf Lillie), solicitor S. Mnf. Co.. h
  E Mifflin o                               518
Osborn D. M.,& Co., Williamson           6134615
Ostermeyer George (wf Matilda S.), boilermk N. W.
  R'y, h S Hancock o                        132  St
Ostin Laurence J. (wf Caroline), [Olson & Ostin], h   MO
  W Gilman                                  413   r-
OTT HARLOW S.,                                  WW
  (Wf Isabelle), oropr Ott's Pharmacy, 21 N Pinck-  Z
nev, h lenifer                            807 ^
. U - ~ ~i... N ~    ~Ea. 3Ein~~uu
SULAE    S. Pinckney MAt INIUSHL$

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