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Madison, Wis. city directory 1898-9. Contains a complete business, street and general directory. Angell's patent numerical directory, and roster of Wisconsin regiments in the Civil War, list of city, county, state and federal officers, churches, schools, secret and benevolent societies, and public buildings; also, a directory of the faculty, societies and students of the University of Wisconsin

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Page 278

      AND INSURANCE.,O- je        o~4I          IJ
    i   O'LE                278                 OAK
                                                 RES. NO.
    O'Leary Frank C., student, h Mound             813
 -O  O'Leary John J., lab, h Mound                 813
      O'Leary Joseph H,. lab, h Mound              813
   CO O'Neil Alexander (wf Mary), motorman M. E. R'y, h
     S Mills                                       406
 O t O'Neil Charles H., truckm St. P. Ry h W Main  710
     O'Neil Elizabeth J., h W Main                 710
     9 O'Neil Harry, driver H. L. Y., h W Wilson   636
   o O'Neil John, (Seery & O'Neil). h W Wilson     636
   0O'Neil John, lab city, h W Main                710
   O'Neil John (wf Rosella), brakem St. P. R'y, h Cly-
ý c    mer                                         613
X_ O'Neil John (wf Bridget), ret mason, h Drake    935
0" O'Neil John J., teams, h W Wilson               636
     O'Neil John J. (wf Jennie M.), mould K. & W. Co., h
W      W Main                                      444
W    O'Neil John J., jan Capitol, h W Johnson      923
     O'Neil Martin, clk, h Drake                   935
4    O'Neil Mary E.,h W Main                       710
     O'Neil Mary F., drsmkr, h W Wilson            636
m    O'Neil Michael (wf Mary A.), oil wagon, h W Wil-
       son                                    (631) 620
    O'Neil Michael G., mould, h W Main            444
O'Neil Patrick (wf Hanora), teams, h W Wilson     636
H    O'Neil Patrick H. (wf Elizabeth A.), wks C. C. mills,
       h Clymer                                    538
W O'Neil Thomas (wf Constance), boarding house and
       saloon, 623, h W Wash ave                  623
     O'Neill Charles 0., clk P. 0., h N Pinckney  305
     O'Neill Edward I. (wf Elizabeth), travs, h N Pinck-
       ney                                        305
W    O'Neill Estella C., h N Pinckney             305
     O'Neill Owen J. (wf Anna M.), patrolm, h Drake  918
O'Rourk Catherine (wid Bernhard), h W Main        733
     O'Shea Michael V. (wf Harriett), prof U. W., h Lake 431
   ,,O'Toole Michael, lab, h Clymer               536
     0 OAKEY Alphonso T., stone cutter, h E Wash. ave 202
         Oakey Annie I., h Univ. ave              1310
f    Oakey Arthur F., teacher, h Univ. ave       1310
LL    n        Table Linen and Towels A

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