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Madison, Wis. city directory 1898-9. Contains a complete business, street and general directory. Angell's patent numerical directory, and roster of Wisconsin regiments in the Civil War, list of city, county, state and federal officers, churches, schools, secret and benevolent societies, and public buildings; also, a directory of the faculty, societies and students of the University of Wisconsin
Vol. VI (1898-1899)

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Page 258

  MEY                   258                 MIL
                                             RES. No.
Meyer Kate, h Williamson                       642
Meyer Mary W., dom Langdon                     240
  (Wf Carrie), propr East Side Restaurant, 406, h E
       w ilson                                      406
     Meyer Nicholas A. (wf Mary E.), propr Enterprise
 Art Studio, 205 King, h Frances                    424
     Meyer Sisters, (Emma and Josephine Meyer), board-
       ing house, Langdon                           701
     Meyer William, cigar mkr, h Williamson         642
 Meyers Alvin, student, h W Mifflin                 214
 Meyers Grace D., sten J. & S., h S Hancock o       144
 Meyers Henry (wf Saloma), ptr, h Jenifer           922
     Meyers Jemima H. (wid Johnson), nurse, h S Han-
 cock o                                             144
 Meyers John, street sprinkler, h Univ. ave        1550
     Meyers Mary (wid John), h Mound               1114
>.   Meyers Matthew G. (wf Anna) bkpr h Mound      1114
   * Meyers William, mo'ulder F. & J., h S Hancock o 144
o &  Mickelson Clara, h N Hancock                   142
SMiddleton Clarance D. (wf Josieanna), lab, h State
i      3d fl                                        408
  & Middleton William D. (wf Clara), clk, h E Mifflin
  ý'   3d fl                                         22
  D Mildebrand Ludwig, h Williamson                1252
  g- Miles Jason C. (wf Helen), yard foreman St. P. R'y,
h W Doty                                            910
1    Miles John, travs, h S Pinckney                209
co   Millard Jay F. (wf Ida), forem car rep St. P. R'y, hW
   Dayton                                          1002
   * Millard Melvin E., wks St. P. R'y, h W Dayton 1002
Millbrook Charles (wf Laura), track forem St. P. R'y,
  h Williamson                                1038
Miller Anna, clk G. H., h State o              329
Miller August (wf Mary M.), carp. h iAT Dayton aq
Miller Carlton E. (wf Lottie E.), h N Carroll  505
Miller Charles S. (wf Grace M.), attorney, o 108 E
  Main, h N Bruen                              314
Miller Christian (wf Katharine), wks F. B. Co, h E
   N   Johnson                                      720
Miller Eda, b W Main                                120
   * w, ca.1 th,, i~rflO70 C/l/ClfThf IN THE CITY. AT
                                  Hilnrichs & Thomnpson,
Largest Stock~ of Ij) I.XUU0h)        27 E. Main St.
! Iiiii!iii
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