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Brainerd, A. (ed.) / Madison city directory and business advertiser, for 1871-2, containing the name and residence of all independent persons, a business directory and sketch of the city, with information in relation to its various societies and institutions--city, county and other public officers

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   A view from the dome of the Capitol is quite extensive, a distance
in a northern direction of about twenty miles, and in the oppcsite
direction about half the distance.  The northern prospect appears
to be more of a cultivated country than that of the south-the
whole of the view is a broad rolling prairie as far as the eye can
reach, dotted along with the rural habitation.
   The lakes seemingly viewed from their surface -makes the enclosure
of the city-rendering its location apparently more in the form of
a peninsular whose end is soon reached, when here they loose that
expansive aspect which is always deceiving at its surface as we look
upon the area of country that here presents itself to view.
  In viewing the private mansions we find the same forethought in
designing and constructing them-though they do not present as
conspicuous an appearance as is exhibited in characterizing the com-
munity-showing that, while the appreciation of the public are held
in view in the construction of one, the same architectural beauty
becomes diversified in the construction of the private home.
  In a review of the past records of the Madison Press we find them
to be numerous, and for the want of correct statisties in reference to
them we only give the present.
  The Wisconsin State Journal, a Weekly, Tri-Weekly and Daily,
published by Atwood & Culver, started as a Weekly in the year
1839, the first issue of the Daily, in 1£52,
  The Madison Democrat, a Weekly and Daily publication pub-
h'shed by A. E. Gordon, was first issuad in the year 1868.
  The Wisconsin Farmer, a Weekly Agricultural paper, was started
in the year 1818, and continued under this title until 1 869. Messrs.
Morrow & Bro',;. then purchased it and changed its title to The
Il'estern Farmer, under which title and by whom it is now issued.
  The Wisconsin Botschafter, a German Weekly, was started in
the year 1869, by 2lessrs, Porsch & Sitzmann.
  The Soldier,s Record, a Literary Monthly paper, was started in
the year 1864, by Mr. S. W. Martin, its'issue was subsequently
changed to a Weekly as it now exists.
  There are many fine buildings being erected at the present time,
,which are not only of durability but an ornament to the city, among
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