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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Volume III. Number 6 (March, 1875)

Inspection law. A bill to amend the Michigan inspection law,   pp. 497-498 PDF (754.3 KB)

Page 497

The Wisconan Lumberaan.
A BILL-To amend section 1461, 1462,
1465, 1476, 1480, 1496, and 1500 of the
compiled laws of 1871, being sections of
the act entitled "an act to regulate the
manufacture and provide for the inspec-
tion of salt."
SECTION 1. The People of the State
of Michigan enact, that sections 1461,
1462, 1465, 1476, 1480, 1496 and 1500 of
the compiled laws of 1871, being sections
of an act entitled "an act to regulate the
manufacture and provide for the inspec-
tion of salt," shall be and the same are
hereby amended so as to read as follows:
(1461) Sec 4. The iuspector shall be
entitled to receive an annual salary of two
thousand dollars. He shall also beallowe the
further sum of five hundred dollars annual-
ly for the expense of providing and furnish-
ing his office, and for clerk hire, stationa-
ry, books, printing and traveling expenses.
Hlis deputies shall be entitled to such sums
as he may approve, not exceeding in any
case the sum of one hundred dollars per
monthfor the time actually employed. AU
salaries and expenses provided for by this
act shall be retained by the inspector out
of the money received under section five of
this act, and acvountcd for and paid out by
himas provided in this act; salaries to be
paid monthly: provided, that in case the
amount of money received for the inspection
of salt, according to the provisions of sec-
tion five, shall not be sufficient to pay the
salaries and expenses of the inspector and
his deputies as provided herein, that the
amount of such deficiency shall be deduc-
ted from said salaries pro rata to each.
(1462) Sec 5. Each person, firm, com-
pany and corporation engaged in the man-
ufacture of salt, or for whom any salt shal
be inspected, shall from time to time, as
Walt is inspected or offered for inspection,
py on demand to the inspector, or to the
deputy of the district where the salt is in-
spected, two miles for each bushel of salt
inspected or offered for inspection: provi-
ded, that the same may be required to be
paid in advance; and provided further,
that but one inspection fee shal be paid
on the same salt. In case any person, fim
company or corporation shall neglect or
refuse to pay such inspection fees, an de-
and, at this, their or its office or manu-
factury, the partyso refusing shall be lia-
lile to an acton therefor, in the name of
the inspector; and the certificate of inspec-
tion, with proof of the signature of the in-
spector or deputy giving the same, shall be
prima facie proof of the liability, and the
extent of the liability of the party so in
default; and it shall be lawful for the in-
spector and his deputies to refuse to in-
spect salt manufactured at the works so in
default, until the amount due is paid; all
money received by or paid to any inspector
under this section shall frthwith be paid to
the inspector. The inspee or shall keep
just and true accounts of all money re-
ceived under this section, and an account
of the amounts received from or paid by
each person, firm, company or corporation
engaged in the manafacture of salt, and all
other things eppertaininge to the duties of
the office, and the said books and accounts
shall always during office hours be subject
to the inspection and examination of any
person who may wish to examine them,
shall be deemed the books of the office,
and shall be handed over to hiE successor in
office, together with all the money and ef-
fects belonging to the office.
(1465.) Sec. 8. The inspector shall
keep his principal office in eithcr Saginaw
or Bay county, and the deputy for the
district in which such office is located may
occupy the same office. This office shall
be open at all times during business
hours. Al the books, records and accounts
shall be kept in this office, and each dep-
uty shall, at least once a week, make a
written report by mail or otherwise, to
the inspector, of the salt inspected by him
during the week, stating for whom, and
the quantity and quality thereof. Ab-
stracts of these reports shall be entered in
books provided for the purpose. Said in-
spector, shall in proper books, keep a full
record and account of all his transactions;
and such books shall be open for the in-
spection and examination of all persons
wishing to examine the same during office
(1476.) Sec. 19. Each inspector or dep-
uty shall deliver to the party for whom he
shall inspect salt a certificate of the quan-
tity and quality inspected, and shal tere-
upon direct the emyloyes of the manufac-
turer to brand and mark, under his per-
sonal supervision, with durable paint, the
package containing the salt so inspected,
with the surname of the inspector at
length, and the inItials of his Christian
name, with the addition of the word "In-
spector," in letters at least one inch in
leugth, and shaflalso case to be marked or
pranded' by the employee of the manufad-

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