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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Volume III. Number 6 (March, 1875)

The Upper Wolf. Hon M. P. Lindsley's trip to the woods,   pp. 476-479 PDF (1.4 MB)

Page 476

kTh Wiacoom Limblmami
Hon M. P. Lindsley's Trip to
The Woods.
A Fine Description of the Towns, Timber,
Blyers, Rapids and Men of
Northern Wisconsin.
r[orreipon'en ea Wisconsin Lumberman.]
GREEN BAY March, 1875.-It would
seem that notes of a second trip among the
logging camps of the Upper Wolf rivrer
country  would be superfluous, yet having
found so many things new and beautiful
there and along the v&y I venture to
mention some of them in the belief that
they may prove interesting to your numer-
ous readers.
Not having the benefit of Mayor Pulci-
fers experience, or the company of his
corps of genial editors, I had to rely
largely on the intelligence and kindness of
the boys in camp, teamsters, stage drivers,
landlords and  the like for information
which was always freely given.
Having secured over night a seat in Hen-
drick,s celebrated Shawano staze line and
having prepared such minutes and maps of
the country as seemed needful and packed
clothing for a fortnight's wear, I slept the
sleep of boyhood in olden times before 4th
of 12y in generl training, with visions of
camp  life and gigantic pines, dancing
through my mind. But Monday came at
last.  Tuesday  the   9th  inst.  and
with  it  came   also  the   Shawano
stage, smoking like a steam engine and at
8 o'clock we crossed the bridge and turning
our backs on the twin cities of the lower
Fox: setting our faces toward Shawauo
and the pineries of the upper Wolf.
we gave a friendly shake to our enterpris-
ing neighbor S.Wightwhom we founrd hard
at work, balancing up his accounts.
Knowing the severity of the winter, we
commiserated his unsatisfactory efforts
and smoked a cigar of condolence at his
expense. Stopping at
to change the mail, we sought the oppor-
taiity to inspect N. C. Fosters New Mill
which is being built on the ashes of the
old one. It is larger and better than tha
and so constructed that it may be taken
dowen and transported at pleaore.
Reaching Captalin Powell's~ place our
conductor halted long enough for a friend-
ly shakce and a bit of native hoepitality..
David McCartney has a "ten acre lot"
covered from 5 to 15 feet deep with log,
and the mill running,
. No intelligent driver, who has the inter-
ests of his passengers at heart, ever will
pass without stopping for a clean, square
meal, and our driver did not.
is gar from angelic in appearance now with
se n and a half million feet of big pine
logs banked twenty feet high at Laird S
Co's mill, and about five million at Upham
&  Russell's.  Nothing gossamer about
that !
The latter firm have hauled to Seymour
and shipped this winter on G. B. c M. R.
R about two and a half million feet of
lumber and eight million shingles, mostly
last year's product.
in the town of Hiartland, there is a small,
custom mill, whose stock or capacity I aid
not learn.
James McNair, of Oshkosh, a fellow-
passenger of Scotch descent, stout and al-
dermanic in fact, having hair, whiskers
and complexion of the "clear grit" shade,
proved a geni al an d in telli gent traveling
compan'ion, from whom I learned many
facts regarding the pineries of the Wolf
and particularly of
where he had a logging camp and whether
he was then goingr. He thought about 3,-
000,000 feet would cover the crop from
that region this year.
Shawan6 was reached about 5 o'clock,
where his honor, Mayor Pulciftr presided
with eminent satisfaction to his numerous
guests. This House has become a sort of
Lumberman's Exchange and besides be-
ingz a very, comfortable place to stop at,
it brings one in contact with the leacing
operators in pine and pine land.
Here [ met such men as T. EB. Crane,
of Oshkosh, R. W. Wellington, of Win-
neconne, H. C. Scott, of Butte des Morta,
John A. Williams, of Pine River, Mr.
Warner, of Berlin, Willard, of Depere,
L. C. 1eecher, of Boston, J. H. Parks, of

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