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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Volume III. Number 6 (March, 1875)

New iron frame double circular saw-mill. A description of interest to practical mill men--a fine product of the Reliance Works of E. P. Allis and Co. PDF (1.5 MB)

tightner-frama and pulley bingA to ratme, ter. The index wheel is geared
to set-
for tightting belt to upper arbor. The- shaf with fine, cut wrought iron
lower arbor has three 1S in: bearings .ndu Stht jack-heads move toward the
with, improved mel-oiling boxes.- The sawthe index wheel turns toward the
upper wioks re, of a netaimproved tr, showig         on it  red he  the exact
ityle, and wethink svperiorto mny other distance of jaekhmds f rom- 5w' St
in u    A _hvy arched ironfmue h point.s Thi iy       be       x 4r setting
boltd -fimly to asw-fame. The arboa ber, but boari and plank masy beilyeaur-
works in a -holowir'had Alove, baving ed on qiad nt by' mnie"of pfins.
thres 8 in. bearings, winb pulleys between jack   are unl, redy t    reedve
the standards  The slee    with arbor, ' the next lojg,''tl  Se  a'   gging
is adjustable -by screws i                      of         gring to traec
iao as to b  put~ sid kept  jefet ine shaf  nd po  at   bythe- seter placing
with loweI saw.' This   -rame, with ,hiaf    en a leverfr   tpnrpes    The
upper warks-iind pule omplete   with:dogs are auitoatio in Wthii movement,
out saws,'weighs ten-thousand Pounds.  aidworked with a lever, uo mallet
The carriage is 24 feet long- wit, two required eti the carriae  7There are
nead-blocks; -but by mean  of our new   s of do    i     fist and th  otner
rigid coupeing ac    ut togetber nse-or- frr     g. The mnill s deigned for
tions and ma   ny length idesired , an doing  emo#    i and acc        work,
with any number of head-blocks   The and wehope'it ill meet with the kyor
set -wrks .4 the most perfect now, in de'erves,
use., The jaek-heads  bwoenVed by .ast  This nl     s  e   got up under the
stepi rack !and'pDni*a em dA a wto tike- carefl' sp on of Kr, (I. * g H Uey,
up anylost ioto     ld te ste     ar, *elk      js rde of' t   bsa     ill
or they can'- b replaced at any tine at a: men in itie eoiihttry midatliveut
,light expense.  The jsck-bead               1 :prtant s              i 
head-blocks are aced with tsta Npate,>     iatsa                 nd i,
which can also be zenewed aleligght er- with         i       at      -guide
pense. , The sebabaft is 8 im. dismetaes;  ich iie              amon saw-
aredl the shftin the mM.:. OnUtAeee- milin.n
shaft there issteel atehet 18 i. dixe- - , -  '        -:
-                               N, .. -  - S1  .-  ..{  :3
~Okyke,(SM                            keA,
~~~TES           QOODRS ~A -IQAiT
-         .-  -.
FARM                AHN11%NDSOE
-- '0 1 XS'ir_ ' ~
- -5 ta~istWtv Stret Mi : *fWauk Y Wt
0~~~~~~~~3- .                         ,9
. -F

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