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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Vol. 1, No. 1 (April 1873)

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pie log e:i1)p will be got i.i for thle (rivi..g above the Falls probably
fifteen. Not les
W1150.l.                                   tlithan three hundred million
certainly will be
_                      uneedecd in ihik valley for home coesumption,
- rlie i..:Arutitimt, of tie great bisoii i,, and ve are not livi v to get
any more.
tile              r I iit liatliver at ;V;illiallklspirt,
c       n c miniwickdo *uriitg the wiiiter of '  TO E WIS, CENTRAL. B. B.
1W49-5i0.  I,tla)n tireoi liu has cotiitiitied(l  vie. lo.iciig o**  tile.
iccoI:  j n etlal rail-
from tinie to time u..til i,40W  OneC .U llioll Mid il \11 I . )Ve 1 Z1IiuotSL
iiic.leulable value
LJ#)ws ilave been exlpe..dled and tile b.sinil t" L  luilslrilig oif'a
 b  o Wicollnill. By
has a eapacity ol thiree luinalred r' cack; o *ott liaUi or of
thei line it will be
nuiicud tha li~t he iomd is to be run between
of feet I., logs. IL i6 said  th t io  1 lieL
R. I a&id ' LUasL 1o. a distanec of arloUt 1O
spri*.g, it is paickedl lulli ol log." s'o"lidly  ililes, ero-silig
 the  alhost innumierable
that crossi. g tihe ri . er o.. tbeni is x-tirely tribhitaries, not only
of the WisConsiU but of
Lile. The Officers of the Stevenis Poit
Bonk have reaso.i to co.,gratu
late theinsu lves while complpitriL g tle above
fifures with the work accolmjplishied Li
proportion to tile ailnoot (tf mnoley by
them expenled, this winter.  Waith .-. ex-
penue ot hot over $23,04,0, 108 acres ottriv-
er (Iesid s tine first receivi..g boomnl) h ve
lcenl most substantially eaelosed, caipablle
of holding 54,000,000 in logs. By extend-
ing the preselit boom  beyotd the "Bob
Wade Slough" and finishing the contcmi-
plated booms below the Upper Shaurette,
the 1>.tck and C(iippewa livers. Vast bodies
oi Pine iuloer alc coiitiiloipi- to the line of
this road t lie construction of whiich will afford
talhlImportakiou it) logs and  lumber hitherto
cii  clv inmce.ssilie.    inid hlumbering  op.
pural':iollb ahicih have been entirely dependent
il ceV..ail sztagct olfwater will nou.v be carried
oii WiLl 1it a  erllaillny of success by  icaub of
the traniiportatioin to be aHlorded by the Wis-
nsllbill Central.
It is reported that the lumber sales at Du.
buque during the year 1872 ammounted      to
52,000,000 feet oflumber, upwards of 17,000K,.
' O ofJhinloes aud about 12-000-00l) lath.
the Stevens Point Boomi Couipatay would .
be iiabled to hiaudlle, with pelrlcct safety,  The Tittabawassec Boom Company
230,000,000 i.. logs, while tile of gan) in 1864 handled 90,000,000
in logs and in
such bvooiv would not exceed (at a high 1872 310,216,000.
estimate) $150000.                     ' The "Jump River Pine"
is considered one
Owing to the cpizootic the sickness of the of the finest bodies of pine timber
in Wiscon.
men and other causes, says the Eau Claire siU. The Wisconsin Central railroad
Fre6 1'rnu, the log erop this year will be a soon pass through that locality.
light one. Eau Claire will uot have over one            a
hnndred and fifty million, all of which she
will use. CUlippewa Falls and the mills be- logging the past winter on the
head wat.
tween that city and our own will need a hun- ers of the Big Eau Pleine and
 will soon
dred million, Menominee fifty million, lau have in operation a steam  mill
at that
Gaily seven or eight million, and the mills ppoint.

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