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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Vol. 1, No. 1 (April 1873)

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Page 9

Nkill; an1d thli. evel, iDi cases wihlere it wa:s
tikent k   not I Wilf tlly. N ith-lit
eolor   I fla:i  lt or right t; xcept whlere stilc
t:iki gr wa-ii-compain;ltl by sp~geial eiremnli-
Sta l. ('' :(> lot' Imi~live( 411  resu'tlt),  whlichl
v,-l ul~l jtilV e xs i-llplaY dllinilges.
etc  t.cltu Iil  I abelow  t itt average winitern
w ork.
Amount of Pinve     Land.s In this V. S.
Land Dixtrtct.
2. %V lier- log- :tr (ki.nvi .gTv and wvil-  Fr ott AIj.lANs(N~j EATI.X.
 V ho for 12
fally  elit l   tby  te I lil:.i trot tIallotilhltrs la .d[.  years.  was
lleceivtr 4t the  1. S. La;td  Office
hlt vslie lt t stililpage wil! 1it ti (  "i. - it, thii District. u
t have obtauined infor-
nryii Ulii ;Istl It  t 1(11 lo-t ry .a~t n   Il to   wIicli alt  ughl neceess
 rily approx-
hiatt  lit cha rntt er i  Il oase   uponi  v li al el l
.J H R   :e1  ; hli. ltig  le va  kiow.i ta- tVti  p trl ' r ice.  'Itlle
 limtits of this Land  lDis-
Inieltitt4-al gttttU'  it Stci II.'  It a  t   lt  tnri t arf--'T I wiv 
 1. itt  State  line; Range  2
\lik~~~~~~~~~~ 1IZ              tol I~  I Ea; 1tkl y  l1 ~ st inclusive.
M}r. EATON estimalites9
Itrazigl t W toiter ilg irtn IaditI our .i " tilit there are 2,000,000
tieres of pine land
pr      'Vi rk er- itt Ir 0ll atol  . el  d  i tll   ttwithin tli1 btouindarv.
7000 feet per acre
kig do h.ifficulty in brazixil (
i- time usnuia istititate. We have theretore
Imt we (-itit astitre thei t liat Mr. IA (t* his 14,000000O0)0 fleet stutmllpage.
The esti-
a lmrws., wherlebylit- 'i-ti s ""'   l t ';"m' itate seenis
large, an tof course call never
imujilt a tid eft( ti( e. 1( T i  ji .trk P~l '" ttttt' lI, filiv  litilized
 as some of thle  pine  is al-
ftr us retleitrtl the c(stinig *ljst ;ts goi.l  itlt, t inactttces.siblte.
The usual stumpage in
tf'iv  a;ud  it  dttiti reqtire  "tt : t* ttiii;  -   this pitnery 
rnges front $1,00  to$2,50  per
tiomt t tIttect tile fitet thltt it 1i;dt ever 31., m-trtitig to loca.lity.
 FstimAted at
hbttit lwrokt-nh.                        itveritge price oif 81,7.5 per M.,
and a birds-
Mill owtners shlitilld make a note otf his ey( vi(w vonhl disctover a pleasutt
ability in the Inte ofhirazing castings.
-pect of $21,5.00,000  in natural wealth.
The ltoggitgt sstuoit tair this liot-litv end- (mt ttiitg 200,000,000 per
year and 70 years
wttiltd elapse erc the pine forests would be
ed abo vut MaI r-ch 5tih.  Ill hi*a(le nllt ion"
thereforie. *ithosic teei. ig at lint iutalv Ilestroyed. Those fimtiliar
with the rapid
tgrowth t tf1pine will have reason to think
long, setioti wi lie utitulflt.  lit fact ta  that tit) personi now living
will witness the
ing intO conisideramtion that se veral veeks .
comiplete animihilation ot the pineries of
ol the early pjrtiniti  tf 0t lth logggDy seS;.itt
were unimprovecd, owitig to the epizoostic,
we are of the opition that less logs haveo
Inap~rovefment of 84g Dlii Waile.
been put in the past winter in this piinery
that in the seasom of 41-72. Similar re-   From the ('entrl Wiscoenin, Wausau,
ports reach its front th( (Chippeiwa. Black learn that sucli improvements
have been
aud St. Croix river pineries anul it is safe made at tie falls as to  hereafter
to assert that the logging opperations of the transit of lumiber at that
point corn-
the Wisronsiti pineries have, during this paratively safe.  Capt. B. F. COOPER

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