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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Vol. 1, No. 1 (April 1873)

The Wisconsin lumberman. April, 1873,   pp. [1]-7 PDF (1.5 MB)

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THE WISCONSIN LUMBERMAN.                                   7
rhic," sav- the  viruel ar  reruire-. thu net true.
timber froni ttiv elviealt([ a hl:lf acres of.  Vithiu 'the past weck  we
1lcave lad
well tiubereel landels, to furnishi ties for a.' s:teanemets fronm se end
oldl logger', who
mile of road. The a-erage life of a rail- hlave tekece paills to get the
 figures, that
road tie is seid tobC :ebe out five ye irs. Coeec the aniouuet will uot excecee
sequei.tlv, 30,000,000 are re(Inisite tfor re- teet, and  litany u..t go
higher thau 75,000-
pairs aunnually. aecd to fiurnishi tiisckinou .t 0000 te;t.  Thi- is quco'
a fiell!i.g off from
will concsulcee two  nmilliona five huendrede the first estimates, anod thlere
are two good
thousand ae res ot' the ble'.t tikloeebr lanId. remsoces tfer this fallin-g
ofl in es-timates.  III
In additione tee this vast area, albout tive the first place all the horse"
in this part
bundred thousand elacre are required an- of the country were takenu sick
with the
uually to supply tie, for the  ceew  roads ho-rse epidtUlciC just a, wiecte
r set ic  and
which are beiing coeestriue teel a c11 year.  loggers were deprived of their
use entire'
In Wiscocnsie, it wiill takie thirty years ly tfer a Mounthl or six weeks,
aid what few
to cocnsu1me all the' standing  pine, atter 'ittle could be obtained could
not perform
allowing t;)r a large iiicreasve uponl the occe-tecnthl of the labor required
in the
amount covew cut. oil the Chlippewac acid  wejels, atuel almost useless ill
haliceg sup-
its tributaries, there are at least two inil- plies te tine (cuaits on  acceunct
of their
lions of acres of pile  land, whichle  wili slow speed 111 traveling.
average 7,000 .eet to the acre.  There is   It is true that nearly all tbe
horses have
now cut every winter abouet 4t10,1100,000, recoverel fron  this disease,
but they are
(this includes the Eau Ciaire aned  1eoeno- lehft ie su'ch a weak  coenditioe
 that they
onee branches) so that there is uot much  cacient drcw it ore thaci hcalft
a usua: load
danger of lunibericig giving out jiencedi of logs. This is a serious draw
ately.                                      Ince the second place the sInow
is now so
But there will coete a thnie  when tlhe deep in the woesi that it impedes
le-ii forests will only exist ic the menicory progress of loggicig  materially.
d Cold inhabitants, acd betwecen uow  acid with the weak coceditioc of tie
herses will
tlen, some substitute foir luilbwer must he no doubt reduce thce amount of
logs to be
ie. e'eted.-Claippewa lrelmbl.           . put iu this winter to our lowest
especuilly if the snlow goes off ic the month
[From the Black River Falls Banner.]  of February as it sometimes does  
T   E   INE   WOODS.            i the circtcutstancces it is uccsessfe to
figure ocn
more than 100,000,000 feet. Those papers
About two niontlis ago it w:as geccerally Iwhich have published  the amount
believed and reported that a large amoucet  00,000,000 to 300,000,000  feet
of logs
of logs would be put in Black  River the t
presnt wnte.  Thre  ere hiry reso . that witl be put in Black River this
ter wiill p ease give estimate above named,
for believnig such a statemielit then, and,
for b v u  auid thus oblige many loggers iU this part
one of these reasons was the scbow fell ear-                         .  
* (f the cunctry. The above is a tare esti-
Her than common in this altitude-aliout
semcte, amid vue believe it is correct.
the middle of Noveniber.   At that time
it was generally believed that 200,000,000"
to 250,000,000 feet of logs would  be cut ,  Work ocl CRONKHITE, PLUMMER
& Co'S.,
and put into this river and s its tributaries. new mill at Stevens Point
Such a statement has gone the rounds of March 10th. 60 days is the estimated
the press in this and other States.  It is time required for its construetioec.

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