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Northrop, E. B.; Chittenden, H. A., Jr. (ed.) / The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
(July, 1874)

Cheap Minnesota lumber for Nebraska,   pp. 358-359 PDF (705.4 KB)

The decision in the log suit of Geo. Cook versus the U. S.,   pp. 359-360 PDF (720.6 KB)

Page 359

lWe Wisconstn Lumnbermau3
east at exorbitant figures.  The
opening of the through all rail route
to the Minnesota pinery regions pro-
mises eventually, if not immediately,
to supply Omaha and Nebraska with
cheap lumber. Our readers are
doubtless aware that the recent rail-
way excursion to that region was
mainly improvised for the purpose of
acquainting the people of the Mis-
souri valley with the advantages of-
fered by the direct trade with the
lumber makers of the Upper Missis-
sippi. The Bee takes pleasure in
placing the observations and conclu-
sions of its envoy before the people
of the state. They contain much
valuable and interesting statical in-
formation touching the manufacture
of and traffic in lumber.
That Omaha is deeply interested
in a direct importation of lumber
from the Minnesota pine regions is
evident from the fact that Omaha
buys and distributes almost double
the quantity of lumber annually pur-
'~chased and distributed by St. Joseph
-and Kansas City. It now only re-
mains to be seeit whether the rail-
road lines between Omaha and St.
Paul will pursue a liberal policy to
encourage the building up of this
traffic. It is gratifying as it is signi.
licant, that an Omaha lumber firm
has already taken the initiative stel
by investing in a heavier bill of lum
ber than any purchased by the repre
sentatives of the other cities in thb
Missouri valley. It is to be hope(
that the experiment will prove re
la this connection, we may as we]
also call atkention to the superior in
ducements offered by the extensivi
manufacturing establishments o
IiiLneapolis & St. Paul, in the quali
ty and price of certain articles c
merchandise, heretofore imported b
Nebraska merchants, and small mau
ufactures from the far east,
Subscribe for the Wiscosm Lm
BsxxM, only $2.00 a year.
The readers of the WiscoNs'n Lux-
BEELN will remember that in the
May number of this publication there
appeared an eloquent argument, by
Messrs. Smith & Stark, of Milwau-
kee, in a suit of replevin brought by
the United States to dispossess Mr.
Geo. Cook, of Green Bay, Wis., of
certain legs purchased by him from
Indians of the Oneida reservation.
The case has been decided in the
Supreme Court of the United States,
and we are now enabled to give our
readers further information on the
The substance of the decision is to
the effect that the fee of the Oneida
reservation is in the United States,
while the Indians have the right of
occupancy, that this right of occu-
pancy is unlimited, and to be exer-
cised in the discretion of the Indians.
If they desire the lands for the pur-
pose of agriculture, they may clear
. off the timber to such an extent r s
amay be reasonable under the circum-
stances. The timber taken off by
the Indians in such clearing may be
esold by them. But to justify any
I cutting of the timber, except for use
- upon the premises, as timber or its
1 product, it must be done in good
- faith for the improvement of the
B land. The improvement must be
f the principal thing, and .the cutting
of the timber the incident only.
if Any cutting beyond this would be
- waste and also unauthorized. The
timber can rightfully severed for
the purpose of improving the land, or
- the better adapting it to convenient
occupation, but for no other purpose.
fl .t

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