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Northrop, E. B.; Chittenden, H. A., Jr. (ed.) / The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
(July, 1874)

The lumber trade at the east,   pp. 349-351 PDF (1021.3 KB)

The fall prospects,   p. 351 PDF (342.6 KB)

Page 351

The Wisconsin Lumbnrmrn.
politicians to serve their country in
some other manner.
The WIscONsuN LumBEnmAx has re-
peatedly expressed the opinion that
prices for lumber would be higher
during the fall months than they
were during the past spring. We
still hold to that opinion. Notwith-
standing reported dullness of the dif-
ferent markets a great deal of lum-
ber is being handled by the retail
dealers of the country and their sales
are very nearly, or quite, up to the
average for the time of year. There
has really-averaging the different
portions of the country-been a
slight increase in business since the
last of May; and there are several
reasons why the market will proba-
bly continue to advance. The passage
of the currency bill has already had
some effect in enlivening western
business and there is every reason tc
believe that ere long the west wil
materially feel the good effect o:
what may appropriately be termed
western inflation and eastern con
traction. The farmers will add ai
other season of prosperity to thei
already flourishing situation and wil
therefore consume more largely c
lumber than usual. The low price
-even if an advance of two or thre
dollars per M., should occur-will b
a temptation to buy. Consumers a
lumber well know that they can neve
expect to buy at more favorable tern
than are offered them this seasoz
and there is now a strong tendenc
So purchase lumber which will n4
be used until fall. It has becon
generally understood that there is no
overstock of lumber even for the
trade which has been considered so
dulL There is a better feeling among
dealers, as a class, than there was
two months ago. Very many would
gladly invest at present prices, much
more money than is convenient for
them to use now. As business re-
vives for the fall trade there is every
reason to believe that the lumber
business will feel the good effect of
that revival, to a greater extent than
almost any other trade. During the
stagnation which has effected all
branches of trade during the season
thus far, the lumber business has
suffered least of all the manufactur-
ing industries. It has even gained
a little in activity while other trades
have  become   more   and  more
depressed. The tendency of the
market may now be said to be up-
wards even if no marked advances in
Lquotations are recorded. The general
health of the lumber business just
I now is decidedly better than that of
f any other manufacturing business-
poor through you may please to call it.
, There is a slight strengthening of the
1 pulse now; it will continue; the fall
r season will be comparitively active
1 and beneficial  And the season of
1874 will close with the lumbermen
U of the country in much better condi-
e tion than they were in the fall of
e 1873.
Mr Examine the " Lumbermen's Reg-
us ister" at the end of this volume and
i; report additions or corrections to the
ot CoMPANY, 64 Oneida street, Milwau-
ae kee, Wis.

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