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Northrop, E. B.; Chittenden, H. A., Jr. (ed.) / The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
(July, 1874)

The lumbermen's convention at Williamsport,   pp. 346-349 PDF (1.4 MB)

Page 347

The Wiseonsin Lwnbermat7
Corresponding Secretary-J. Hen-
ry Symonds, Boston, Mass.
The gentlemen nominated by the
committee were unanimously elected
officers of the convention. After a
.committee of five was appointed to
report articles of association, the con-
vention proceeded to discuss the
question of reciprocity with Canada
and the following resolution was
Resolved, That, in the judgment of
this convention, the proposed treaty
of reciprocity with Canada would be
injurious to the industrial interests
of the whole conntry, and should not
be ratified; that its effect upon the
business which we especially repre-
sent would be most disastrous, and
would compel a large reduction in
wages in order to compete with the
cheaper labor of Canada, or the sus-
pension of business in many sections
of the country where it is now ex-
tensively carried on.
The committee on articles of asso-
,ciation reported Thursday morning,
and their report was adopted after
thorough discussion of the several
articles of association as presented
by the committee.
The committee on association and
by-laws beg leave to report the fol-
lowing as rules and by-laws for the
national association of lumbermen.
1. The name of this association
shall be the national association of
2. Until the next meeting of this
association the affairs thereof shall
be conducted by a president, vice
president, secretary and correspond-
ing secretary, treasurer, and an exe-
cutive committee of thirteen. The
president and secretary shall be
members of said committee, and five
of its members shall constitute a
quorum. All the aforementioned
officers shall be selected by this con-
vention, and shall hold office until a
regular election under the associa-
tion shall take place; and shall per-
form such duties as oldinarily apper-
tain to their offices respectively.
3. N~operson shall be eligible to
membership of the association except
such as are engaged in the manufac-
ture of lumber or timber of any kind,
round; hewn or sawed, or who may
be the owner of timberlands; and
such persons may become members
on the approval of the executive com-
mittee and the payment of an en-
trance fee of $10.
4. The Treasurer of this associa-
tion shall give a bond payable to the
president thereof, for the safekeep-
ing or honest disbursement of such
funds as may come into his posses-
sion for the association, said bond
to be satisfactory, in amount and
sureties, to the executive committee.
5. All disbursements bv the Treas-
urer shall be on written orders of the
executive committee. -
6. The election of officers of the
association hereafter, shall be at the
annual meetings of the association,
the first of which shall be on the-
day of - at -, and the subse-
quent elections shall be at such time
and place as may be appointed at the
next preceeding annual meeting.
7. The President, if present, shall
preside at all meetings of the associa-
tion or executive committee, and
shall have with the consent of the
executive committee, power to call
any and all extra meetings of the as-
sociation and order any and all dis-
bursements for expenses of the asso-
8. The executive committee shall
have power to appoint a correspond-
ing secretary of the association in
every state of the Union, whose
duties shall be to correspond, upon
matters pertaining to the interest of
the association, with the general cor-
responding secretary of the associa-
tion, and shall have power to change
such appointment in their discretion.
It shall be the duty of the execu-
tive committee to keep a true record

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