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Northrop, E. B.; Chittenden, H. A., Jr. (ed.) / The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
(August, 1874)

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Page 527

1Th Wisconsin Lsinberman.
Insurance and Loan Agent.
OFFICE, Cround Floor, East Entrance, CITY HALL,
8p   a  attention  vel to pig t      s, procuing and   erfect   titles to
lands entered by
HA=-BR'EED 1      CRi P. Soldi     80-Acre Claim and Warrants boght and sold.
application, under Chippewa Treay, Feb. 22,1855, to enter land always on
hand, by which
Mrca  enter Pine I=nda mi Minnet    at 2.5O per acre.
Perso    svin  numbers, or expecting such; will do well to give us a call
or correom  d.
Letter will rleve Prompt attention.
Also owner of Fine or other Lnd, who wish to dispose of the same, will find
I am in
a position to make speedy dles.
Choice Timber Land.
In Townships lg1 to 60 nlusuive, BSags bO, suated between  St. Vincent Etensin
of the St. Paul
!d Pacific Iailroad and the Bed Biver of the North, on whieh latter there
b constant traffic, and where
he  ountry isomewhat deficient i timber, I have 10,000 acres of land, etr=clas
black loam
and aliuviloU srpaing ay tract In the State for the producton of wheat nd
frm produce. Speci-
mens of the vrouce of theIo laity at the last State Fair tookr the first
prize. The above traes I heaviy
timbered wvit WhIte ad Burr Oak, averaging at least 4,000 feet select timber
to the acre on which the
government In adoiUning t s collecs smpage at 68.00 per thousand feet  The
lumber is not only in
demand for locl conPsupion, but nsa* ready market inPembina and the Province
of Manitoba, whene
also Uimber Is scarce, ana to w'hlch there Is water carriage.
Extra Inducements to eapitalist will be offered In the above lands for joint
I have ao for se 1,120 cre  township 180, rane 8 and 35. First quality Faring
Lands, Well
timbered ndpraiie ndwell     ed; nea ra iirod.  5.00 per acre.
Choice Pine Lands.
aes, an which stand 27,710,000 feet of ehoice lumber, all within four miles
of landing, In tract
lo acres Inmee.S .. .................. T182,.L30  2d0 actsin seen.10,14 21
 . .............11 T.132,B.31
d~acres in sic.21, 22, 80 .    T17L8           fo   eIn see.14, 1S,2...82L3
4eoluee n,22 E .................T.  IL7 43 JS..6. 10 aereslue. 14,8 4..........
.12, R. 3t
440 acres n ae. 1,. 12   .       T   .  84     240 acre In ee. 30 .......
       T   . 40,25
IS0 acresInsec.16.22. 2,34 .  .........  8 8 7.5  880 acresinsee.3,22,24,
26    T   .40,B2.
nT   r In eec. 1,8 .14,24,,2,2SS,4T. 188, B. 26  820 acres in sec. 6, 10,
28, 34 .  T. 51; It 26
lacres *sec      ..          ............  8R B. So acres In sec. 10, 14,
25, S ..   T. 61, L 27
l0 acrs In se 4, 18 .      ................  . 31,.0  20 acre in e. 14, 22,
26 80, S4 ..   T.- 6, R. 2S
480 DacresInsec. ,14, 4 .    ............  l l81 S  leo acres in Wisconin,
se. 0, T.44, L 2 W., near
I00acres in sec. 18 ..................T. 12 B. S0  croeing of Wisconsin 0.
B. ..
Pitees ranz. from .4.oO to 912jiO per aere.
1,000 acres estimated to cut 6,000.000 fet of White Pine. In townships 12:
and 1S0, range 62. Will be
sold cheap to cse a partnership.
Nave also s*Peral hundred acres that have been pally cut, some years ago,
which at the prices asked
woud be a good payng investet
And      al thouand arof he Pine lands tributary to Duluth markes.
H1on. Aleander Raj~~ U. S. Senator, Minneota.  Hsn.L illi. Wilson. es-member
of Congre, Minne-
NaGo. Wl. B. Yf       President of Mar lne Bank,  apolis, ilan.
St. Paul, Minn.                            Hon.. J. Baidwrin- Cashier of
State National Bank,
UGor. i11enry H. Sibley St. Paul, Minn.          Minneapolis, Mlnn
Hon. a. IIL Vanderburg, $lge 4th Judicia District, Ron. T. 0. Buxton, Cashier
City Bank, Yinneapo
Mitmesota.                                 Hon. H. T. WeeMinneapois.
parks, McPherson A Co., Bankers, Mihmepolhs  Ron. B. P.   wei,          M

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