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Northrop, E. B.; Chittenden, H. A., Jr. (ed.) / The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
(August, 1874)

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Page 518

Te Wisconsin Lumberman.
Three weeks ago Saturday, the cir-
cular saw in the mill of E. Colby &
*Co., near Stanton, on the Iona &
Stanton branch of the D. L. & L. M.
R. R., did the champion job, which
we think will be generally conceded.
In eleven and one-half hours, one
circular saw in this mill cut 236 logs,
making 91,577 feet of lumber, 75,000
feet of which was inch stuff, and the
balence inch and a half and two inch
This is 15,000 better than any
other record by one saw in the same
time, The men who did the work
were E. H. Percy, head sawyer, Rob-
ert Black, setter, and H. Sholton, ed-
ger. Mr. Sholton alone put all this
lumber through a patent gang edger.
If any mill, in this or any other state,
can show a record like this, they
would like to see it. The lumber
was well scaled, aud the men will
make affidavit to the work if neces-
sary.-Valley City Grand Rapids En-
terprise .lich.
A meeting of the directors and
stockholders of the Wisconsin Mid-
land railroad was held at the Boom
Company's office with a very good at-
tendance, President J. L. Dorronce
occupying the chair. Nearly all the
interests of the road were represent-
ed. The meeting being called for the
election of officers, that subject was
somewhat discussed and it was re-
solved to postpone the election until
August 5th. There seemed to be a
sanguine feeling among those present
that there was still a chance for the
Midland road, and that with propei
effort on the part of the business mei
along the line, it could even now b4
built. The judgments against thi
company in favor of Mr. Mallett fo:
teams furnished the engineers whi
surAeyed the route, have all beei
settled up,and the companyalthoug]
claiming no particular resources, i
I  I$.
i ..
proud to say that it is out of debt-
Oshkosh Northwestern.
ARoNLD, YALE & Co.'s iustrated
Mechanica! Journal is growing more
and more attractive. As an expo-
nent of the interests of manufac-
turers and the important criticism of
mechanical production, it is out-
spoken. Every issue contains much
information to machinists, is finely
illustrated and is worth the price of
subscription for the entire year.
Terms, $1.00 per year.  Address,
Arnold, Yale & Co., Milwaukee,Wis.
out south of the village one day,
along the creek, and came upon a lit-
tle saw mill, where a circular saw,
something larger than a Mexican dol-
lar, was slowly eating its way through
a pine log, sixteen inches' in diame-
ter. It took two men to manage the
little log, and each had time to enjoy
a short but refreshing "' cat nip"
while the saw was laboriously eating
its way from one end tothe other~of
the ten foot log. Then the machinery
would be stopped, and the;two bony
and sinewy yeomen would hold cou-
sultation as to the best method of
turning the log. They'd squint at it
out of one eye, squirt tobaccojuice,
and go around to another point of
observation, squint at it with the
other eye, squirt tobacco juice, com-
rpare notes, argue, and finally arrange
Ifor scaling the other side. Then the
3 saw would be started, and they
e would take another nap. I timed
r the saw and the men, ani made a
o calculation as to the amount of lum-
n ber they would cut in a day,lbut I'm
a afraid to publish the estimate, lest I
s should be accused of lying.

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