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Haag, Rita / If you look back, it's not that far: memories of Mary Stella Sutter Haag recorded at age 103

Part I: Growing up in Perry,   pp. [2]-30 PDF (9.0 MB)

Page 13

that was nice fresh pumpkin. We had cold cellars you know. They
were all cold, nothing warm. Saturdays we made pie, that was our
treat. We always had pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and Christmas
when I was growing up." But all the pumpkins they raised didn't
end up in pies.
"Sometimes they smashed them and the cows ate them. The
cows like pumpkins, but you have to smash them, because the cows
can't chew the big pieces, so we used to cut them up. They would
eat it like corn. We usually took the smaller ones for pumpkin
pies. Then afterwards they had pie pumpkins. Some of them we
didn't have to run through a sieve, but the others we had to run
through a sieve to make them smooth. We had colanders.
"Oh we had chicken and sometimes we just butchered a beef.
Dad used to butcher, then we had fresh beef, or he'd butcher a
pig so we had sausage. That was always a treat."
"My mother made lots of cookies. She made brown (molasses)
cookies. We didn't have chocolate. Dad didn't buy much candy.
He bought horehound candy, and... stick candy. We didn't get to
the store ourselves, so we didn't know what they had. That candy
we had that was good; that horehound candy was good for a sore
throat. Ya, there was a lot of things we had there that we don't
have now."
What about that all-American favorite--ice cream? When Mary
was a child: "No, we didn't make ice cream. We didn't know what
ice cream was. No at that time, I don't think they even made ice
cream. They might have had it but we didn't get to town."
Though she was born and raised with dairy animals and
married a dairyman, milk was not Mary's favorite. "We'd drink
coffee and a lot of tea. I never drank milk. I never liked
milk. I put a little bit in my cereal. I like it in my coffee.
I don't like strong coffee."
Although they ate well, like most farm families, their meals
were plain. "Carrots, sometimes we made a sauce on them. We
just pickled the beets. Oh yah, we had lots to eat. It was
always plain. But we always had good mashed potatoes--my mother
made. Sometimes when we had cream--we didn't always have--but
when she had sweet cream, she'd put sweet cream in and whipped
tiem, just vith a spoon. Now they got the whippers you know. Ya
that was old days you know."

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