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Hagen family; Lian, Anders / Papers, 1879-1899 [Translations]
Call Number, Eau Claire Mss CC Box 1 Folder 3 ([unpublished])

[From Andrew Lee]/ Eau Claire 19 July 1895 PDF (210.3 KB)

[From Andrew Lee]
                                      Eau Claire  19 July 1895
Dear brother!
      I  will now again write you some lines even though I do 
not exactly remember when I last received a letter from you.  
So now then,  I hope you will bear me in mind with some lines
 when you have time.
      It [the summer] is so far along that the 4th of July or
America's independence day is    over  as  across  the  entire
country the celebration is on quite a magnificent scale.
      I, Elling, Karl, and Jorgen Hagen traveled down to Purce
[sic]   county  and  made  a  big visit.   As you know, Elling
Moan, 0.  Eskildsen, the  Reitan   people, Wangstad  and  many
 others   live there, also Jakob Olsen.  We went by way of Red
Ving [sic], Minnesota which is quite a fine    city, where  in
 the last year they built a bridge over the Mississippi River
 at   a  cost  of  $70,000  and   which  is  so  high  that the
 steamboats can easily go under it.
      Elling  Moan  met   us    there   in   Red   Wing   with
 transport         They  live about ten miles from town.   Here
is the finest and best farming land I have yet seen and    the 
growth is so good that I have hardly seen it better.
      Elling  and  Ole's farms lie next to each other whereas 
Reitans and Wangstads lie about 3-4 miles from    there.  They
all appear to be doing well.
      Here  in Eau Claire everything goes its usual way.   The
 sawmills clatter and groan every single day.
      Moreover, times are gradually becoming a little   better 
now.   Over   the whole country the year's forecast appears to
be promising.
      Now finally I want to give you   an  exhortation.  Write 
immediately   when  you  receive this letter and tell me some
     With that a greeting from me.
                                                Andrew Lee
                                                725 Water str
                                                Eau Claire

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