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Hagen family; Lian, Anders / Papers, 1879-1899 [Translations]
Call Number, Eau Claire Mss CC Box 1 Folder 3 ([unpublished])

[From Anders Lian]/ Eau Claire 3/ 10 -[18]90 PDF (296.6 KB)

[From Anders Lian)
                                          Eau Claire 3/10 -90
      I  received   your  letter a couple days ago, written in 
September,  and am glad to see that you are    in  good  health
and   for  that   matter everything is well.   Though it is not 
long ago since I wrote you I am writting again.      I remember
of   course how many admonitions I received about writing and 
I doubt that I    will  be  hearing   complaints  about  having
forgtten, until now anyway?
      I  am  also   living, and content as of this date.   This 
summer has gone terribly fast for me.     It doesn't seem  like
many  weeks    since  I   came  here, and yet, even if it isn't 
very long,  it is,  I suppose,  a while.  I am beginning to  be
fed   up   with the mill.  Moreover,  it is quite monotonous to
 be a millworker also.     The same work day after day and  week
after week to stand in the same spot; huf! how     bored I am!
  At   a   little  after  5:00   each morning it is to get up and
dress, eat and at 6:00 be ready at     the  mill, at  9:00, ten 
minutes    rest, then  work again until 12:00.   Now one hour's
rest which allows us to go home and eat and then     work  from
 1:00  until    5:00   with ten minutes rest at half past three.
Yet i don't think I would like any other work any better.
      We have it good here you must    believe.  A   man avoids
 being    troubled  too much with graut (cream porridge),  sild,
(herring),  suppe  (soup), and such.   No, nourishing  food  it 
must be.   Meat is used for every meal. Flatbread is not made
use of, but on the other hand coffee is used instead of soup 
and   milk.  No   less  than   two cups coffee for every single
meal.    For board and room (without laundry) the    usual cost 
here  in   the   city is thirteen dollars per month.   At other
places they pay much more,    fifteen to sixteen dollars.
      You say that I must find some other work and not go    to
 the   woods, something    I would   just  as   soon  do if I was
 willing to work just for my food.     If I go to  the  woods   I 
can   at   least  have one day free (per week ?) and perhaps a 
little more also.     It is my intention to hire myself out for
 the woods for the same boss for whom I worked at the mill as
 I have a good reputation with him and therefore will     get   a
 little better pay in the woods with him than with any other.
  Besides,   I am   acquainted   with  many  now so I don't worry
 about    going.  However, you   will  get  better    information 
      When  you   write you must report to me all the news you 
      With this comes many    greetings  from   Elling and  his 
family and finally from me
Andrew Lee
Pron: Endru Lie
Anders Lian
     725 Vater St.
        Eau Claire

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