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[Land use planning reports; Wisconsin counties]

Intensive land use planning report: Price County,   pp. [unnumbered]-38 PDF (10.0 MB)

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4-ho E-nibstake pror;,o 1,o considoered when forrmulatinU the extension pro:-:r,,o.
the covr~ty in the future.
    .3. Dairyinr. thc nrescnt rates for brceein.: sorvicoe  of the artificial
.ti~n ,..ciati-)n umoull 'be )rohibitive for the uSe -f thstse Price Cornty
ยง';r."  ;lt-t vroulii 1e .rost 'Conofito(l !.y thi! -)ro,>r,
 tho follo.vinC,
          1.  That the Collfae of ';,gricalture consi-er ectri'eli'hing an.
iicil isrcnir,-1tion rin, on at state-wi.:'e bahnis an" that se-len
shouliL e nail.
t-i rn iis tcrcd voterinnrian in chfrrsu of this work in each of thosc cor.tics
".c-irii. t'.i.; prorarnm.
          It '.!' felt thit orgrinizin:- on a sntte-nvido brnvis wouldi .nke
.It tbf tlnis service mnro reasornble and that a l..ri.r ,!orcenta.,e of
tlhc farm-
er woul; '.,ae -2sle to tnka <.van-trt^  if tlhe uee of  i'-)rolucti-n
          2.  Beclause rany L, rnrs in ti.   coeunty nre unin- inrferior
that arc ,c.i . --irovi'el ' y c-ttle -1.e-alers ro.rcly for the trotble
of c:.rirg
or ond fee~Ain,7 thom, ann, b~cnause thc finranrcial condition of ni-st of
inrmcrs is ,uch that they cinnot aSford to Purchase a. ,ood. iull, it is
ended. thit thc cointy n,cnt include in his 19'2 1  ro:9r42   of vir)rk oith.r
.'rRization of the artificial inserminptinn ringf or atte;vpt to
ny r   ~eichborin,-. county thnt is startini thif, 'irO;raJp..
          3. It is recommendfed th1at the Bonngs nrea test propron be conti''auvd
n the futuro.
         4.  It is recon iandao th,)t the quality cl. ry pro-rron ns carried
fl Scveral other dounties in the state be comsiderod 1 y the county    .-eont
is5 nl::t ycnrs 'rogrnor of work for Price County
     C. Soils.
          1, Because of the incroesin;. use of li-ic and phosphate in Prico
 OUMlty ; a result of the 1941 .AL pmTrograo it   is recom-londed that a
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