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[Land use planning reports; Wisconsin counties]

Land use planning report: Pierce County, Wisconsin, 1940,   pp. [unnumbered]-R-12 PDF (12.0 MB)

Page R-12

7.   All of the worst porcnnial noxious wreeds of Picroc County sproad by
     an underground system of cither crocping roots or of rhizomes. Croop-
     ing Jonny, W^ild Morning Glory, and Canaien Thistle arc examples.  Tho
     perennials arc r mor:, scrious problem than are the annuals. The
     perennial wccds sproad in s8tcd grains, grass scods, hay, straw, ani-
     mnls, machincs, and oth,..r moans.  Comnmon wood control methods, such
     as sunmnor fallowing, smothor crops, and control mcasurc outlinss in
     thce Wisconsin 1irod Law, have beon carried out to some extent.  Tho
     County Land Use Planning Committoo encourages thc continuation of the
     control of Creeping Jonny alont; the highways in the county by thc use
     of the chemical, sodium chlorato.   It is rccorznmondod that the County
     lighvwny Dcpartment try to control perennial noxious weeds on state
     and county highrays along cultivated fields; in ordor to prevent spread
     to cultivated fields.   It is also recommended that a small canount
     of sodium chlorato bo tried on small patchos of perennial noxious
     woeds.  Farmers not acquainted with Croeping Jenny should .acquaint
     themselves with thc charactoristics of the wced, and when such 'leeds
     arc found it should bc reportcd to the County Lxtension Offficc.
     The planning committee's work docs not end with the above recommcnda-
tions. The county committee should continue to exert a diroct influence
on all activities dealing vrith agricultura] and land use probloms in thc
county. It is thel committee's task to koc- the pcoplc informod on the
results in land use planning work. Thcsc recommendations will form the
basis in planning all agricultural programs in Pierce County.
- R-12 -

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