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[Land use planning reports; Wisconsin counties]

Oconto County land use planning reports - 1940,   pp. [unnumbered]-11 PDF (15.7 MB)

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government was greater some years ago than it is today and less in the
tro agricultural towns.
         The second column of Table VII. shows only the costs of general
government-the chief item to be affected by consolidation-the third column
show~s the cost per $1,000 of assessed valuation. From this table it w,.ould
seem that the property ow1.ners of Little River paid only '$1.24 for general
government upon 1,000 of property, in Stiles $2.33 but in the towns in the
Nicolet Forest the minimum waas $5,30 and in Doty $8.24.  Even in economical
Bagley the tax payer *ith $1,000 of assessoed valuation paid an average of
$7.01 per year for this item of government. The advantage of living in a
town with at least $200,000 of assessed valuation is evident.
         Can these costs be reduced by consolidation? While the figures
for any one tow-n or any one year may be erractic, we may assume that using
the average tunds to "average out" unusual figures as bet-een towns
years. If Breed and Bagley were consolidated their combined assessment
*,ould be only $268,470, which is only a little morn than Wheeler or TorMn-
send and much less than Little River.   It would scam reasonable that the
cost of operating the general government of the combined areas should not
be more than that of Little River.  Certainly one town board, one clerk,
one treasurer, and one torn hall should cost less than taco and the cost
elections and board of roviow should be materially reduced. Since the
work of assessment is not decreased by consolidation not much saving can
be made here if the samoa efficiency is maintained after consolidation as

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