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[Land use planning reports; Wisconsin counties]

Juneau County, Wisconsin: land use planning report 1941,   pp. [unnumbered]-R19 PDF (10.9 MB)

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recommended by both community and county committees.
4. Tenant Leases,
    A three to five year lease be encouraged to promote the
adoption of recommended farm practices by the tenant and more
cooperation between tenant and owner.
5. Public Welfare.
    Public Assistance amounted to $4.09 per acre of farm crop
land in Juneau County for the fiscal year 1938-39. It is rec-
ommended that in the future a more ridgid policy be followed
in that those receiving assistance be encouraged to have a
grubstake of their own before assistance be given.
6. Youth.
    a. More emphasis should be placed on parent-teacher
         cooperation in solving problems such as transport-
         ation, hot lunch program, electrification in rural
         schools, and moru active citizenship training.
    b. To encourage more rural recreation high school gym-
        nasiums should be made available to rural groups
        at specified times. Suspcnded and abandoned schools
        should bL used for community buildings.
    c.  The servict-s of a Home Agunt and Club Loader would
         supply much needed leadership in education and rec-
         reation of rural youth.
7. Soil Tcsting.
    a. Present WPA work schedules do not permit the proper
        handling of the large number of soil samples by the
        soil tester. Wage scale regulations do not encourage
        the type of personnel necessary for the work.
    be The soil tester should be under the supervision of the
         County Agriculture Agent and funds be made Lvailable
         for L full time working schedule and L higher wage scale.
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