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[Land use planning reports; Wisconsin counties]

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                          OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS
A. Livestock
    Kenosha County at one time purchased nearly all of its replacement dairy
    cattle. More replacement stock is now being raised in the County. As
    a means of diversity, to encourage the breeding of better stock, and
    give the farmer better stock with which to work, it is recommended that
    as much of the replacement stock be raised at home as possible.
    It was also the feeling of several of the committees that the farmers
    of tbte county are attempting to carry more livestock than is economical.
    It hi's been observed that those farmers who have four or more acres
    land per livestock unit are usually the more prosperous farmers of the
B.  Diversity
    It was the concensus of opinion among the farmers in the dairy section
    of the county that too large a percentage of the income is from milk.
    On most farms other sources of income should be added, and present
    sources other than dairying should be enlarged so as to meke them large
    enough to be worth while. There should be cash crops and livestock for
    meat, breed4ng and work purposes. In addition to dairy cattle, there
    should be h -s, poultry, and where the danger from dogs is not to great,
    Some coimrnities feel that each farm should be more self-sufficient.
    In other ','ords, there should be enough vegetable,, meat, dairy and
    poultry products produced to furnish them more of the living. More of
    the food for the family should be canned or otherwise preserved for
    winter consumption. In the past, many good farmers have failed because
    of high living expenses.
   1. Bases
       The universal comment on the A.A.A. was that basas are too low. Low
       bases tend to provent diversity.  It was considered fair for a dairy
       farmer to have a 60 percent soil depleting allotment, and an 85 per-
       cent allotment for the truck farmer. The present allotment for the
       county is 53.3 percent. Kenosha County is level enough to be well
       suited to the growing of tilled crops.
       In the setting of bases, it was thought that more consideration should
       be given to the carrying capacity of permanent pastures.
       Sugar beet growers feel that all domestic consumed sugar should be
       grown and that there should be no restriction on the acreage of sugar

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