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[Land use planning reports; Wisconsin counties]

[Kenosha county land use planning],   pp. [unnumbered]-22 PDF (8.5 MB)

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    produce and labor and equipment expenses caused by weeds, amount to many
    thousands of dollars annually.
    A more intensive educational drive is needed to prevent the spread of
    weeds in the County. Farmers should be made more conscious of how weeds
    spread by means of seed, feeds, threshing machines, etc. One community
    committeeman reported the introduction of field bindweed to his farm
    the hauling of dirt for the purpose of building a state highway past
A. Truck Crops
   The truck crop industry is important in Kenosha County, occupying over
   7.5% of t ie best arable land of the County. Because of the price of
   truck crops, the money value bulks large. There are, however, a groat
   many obstacles in tho way of maximum net income.
   I. Plant Disease - takes its annual toll of all farm produce. It is
       more serious in the more intensive crops such as cabbage, onions,
       potatoes and sugar beets.
  II. Insects Pests - must be contended with each year and like plant
       diseases, causes large money losses by decreased yields and low
       quality and due to the expense of labor and materials involved in
       their control.
 III.  Horticultural Varieties - and cultural practices even on crops that
       have been grown in the community for many years leaves much to be
       desired. With some more recent crops, such as tomatoes, the problems
       that have to do with successful crop production are more serious.
       Adaptability, quality, and uniformity are some of the problems most
       often noted,
  IV. Recommendations
       a. New crops would add to the diversity.
       b. The practice of sending out timely advice on disease, insect pests
          and on weed control from the County Agent's office should be
          conttnu id.
      c.  It  3 recommended that we continue to cooperate with the University
          of Wisconsin in the solution of these problems.
          Fffective in the past have been
      1. C .lling attention of the College of Agriculture to our problems
          and requesting help in their solution.
      2. Calling attention of our Legislative Representative to these
          problems so that they could be better informed in their decision
          as to the needs of the University in working on these problems.
      3. The building of a field laboratory at the Petrifying Springs County
          Park for the use of the University.

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