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[Land use planning reports; Wisconsin counties]

[Kenosha county land use planning],   pp. [unnumbered]-22 PDF (8.5 MB)

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    II.  Community Committees
         The Community Committees were made up of some of the most able,
         succee.!ful farmers in the Community. Their educations ranged
         freia tAe grades to men who have University degrees.  Many are
         sho..' t course graduates. In the past, a few had followed pro-
         fessions other than farming.  Most of them are leaders in their
         communities and life-long residents of Kenosha County.
         No question of nationality, of religion, nor of social signifi-
         cance came up at any time to prevent the proper functioning of
         any committee - community or county.
  III.  Meetings
         Beceuse of the lateness of the season, only a limited number of
         meetings could be held. The county committee was assembled and
         the project explained and discussed. Each community committee
         met only once. The results of the community committee meetings
         were summarized by the SecretarJ and placed before the County
         Committee for corrections and correlation.
   IV.   Community Committee Meetings
         The Community Committee meetings were informal round table
         The Secretary explained the purpose of the meeting, the uses to
         be made of the information, sources of information and the method
         of procedure. He presented some preliminary information concern-
         ing the town such as acreage and livestock statistics, soils maps,
         topographical maps, pertinent A.A.A. statistics, etc.
    V.   Cc relation of Material
         Recommendations made on the maps were colored roughly with a
         uniform key for all townships. The rmaps were then trimmed and
         glued together to form one large county map. Viewed as a whole,
         the discrepancies from township to township were surprisingly slight
         From the notes taken at each township meeting, narrative statements
         were prepared (typed triple space) and sent to each community chair-
         man for his corrections, additions or observations.
         The results of the community committee meetings were summarized
         make up the County narrative report. These, together with the map,
         were presented to the County Committee for correlation of results
         from township to township and for the county as a whole. The state
         specialists were kept pretty much in the background until this had
         been accomplished.
         The physical description taken from the Soil Survey of Racine and
         Kenosha Counties was advpted to Kenosha County.
The corrected summary follows:

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